Types of Security Alarm Systems

Security Alarm SystemsEven when you have locked up all your doors, you still can’t guarantee the security of your house. It is your responsibility as a homeowner to ensure that your home is completely safe all the time especially when you’re away. Good thing is with the advancement of technology, it is now much easier for you to safeguard your home even when you’re too busy with work and can’t seem to remember securing all your locks.

According to research, Australia holds the 2nd highest rate of break ins in the entire world. All the more reason that you need to increase home security. It is certainly true that modern security technology offers us tons of advantages. Not only does it keep our establishments and properties safe from burglars but it could also protect us and our homes from life threatening situations such as fire.

But even if you have the most advanced technology, you won’t be able to reap all the benefits it could give when your security alarm system is not efficient. The key to having a highly efficient system is proper installation. It is advised that you only seek the services of a qualified professional such as Ace Sydney Electrician, who has proven expertise in home security and could properly install the system to your advantage.

There is a variety of security alarm systems available in the market and each has its own unique benefits. To help you decide which among them would best address your needs, here is a list of different types of security alarm systems and how they function.

Burglar Alarm System
This is one of the most popular types of alarm systems. It protects your house and keeps you and your family safe from burglars. Opt for a fully integrated system which has a wide variety of features such as motion detection, sirens and alarms, door and window sensors, video monitoring and intercom system.

Motion detection automatically detects any suspicious movement that the system recognizes and would automatically warn you. Every entry (doors and windows) is installed with sensors for added security. Even when you’re at work or on a vacation, you can also check on your house through the video monitors which offers live feed.

Aside from that, it is now easier for you to look after your children as well. You can monitor them no matter where you are located inside your house. If you’re busy doing dishes at the kitchen, while your kid is inside his/her room, there’s no need for you to constantly run back and forth just to check on your kid. You can easily check on them through the video monitors.

Communication won’t be an issue anymore especially when you have a huge house. With a reliable intercom system, it is now much easier for you talk with your family even when you’re not in the same room. But not only that, the best thing about intercoms are they can help you check on who is at your door before you decide to let them in.

Usually this system comes with automated locks. So, it now much more convenient for you to lock and unlock your doors increasing security and safety at home.

Fire Alarm System
Fires at home are prevented with the help of fire alarms. The early signs of fire such as smoke are immediately detected by this system and alerts the people inside the residence of a potential fire. In most places, this system is required to prevent any serious physical damage and total loss of properties. Make sure to get the system installed be a competent company who ensures that the fire code standards in your area are met.

Hardwired Alarm System
A wired system uses sensors that send signals to the control panel through cables. If you have a single storey house with roof cavity, we recommend you go for this type of system.

Wireless Alarm System
Different from the wired system, the sensors are connected to the control panel without using wires. This is highly recommended for houses with no roof space since the wires will be most likely visible on your ceilings and walls. Although, the hardwired system is much reliable but they provide the same security and convenience.

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