These cracks are extremely dangerous to you and your family!!!!

  • Read on for the 3 simple questions to answer to check if yours are safe…

A power point, switch or any electrical point may, under certain conditions pose an electrocution or fire hazard. These are more likely to be dangerous if it’s overloaded or if there is a small crack, a loose fitting, a loose mechanism, burn marks, or emits a small spark.

I just want you to know how important those plastic covers are on your switches and power points. They are the last line of prevention between you and the live terminals behind.


Electricity is invisible &, given the right conditions can jump through small holes and bite you. On average there are 40 electrical fatalities and 10 000 injuries per year in Australia. 4 out of 5 are preventable if your home complies with current safety standards! A good earth, safety switches and smoke alarms are a must.

But don’t rely on the safety switch for protection, It is just a last line of defense. It is best to immediately fix and loose, cracked, burnt or damaged plates ASAP.

Stay safe and replace those frayed cords and dangerous points immediately.

Keep a look out for dodgy switches and power points. Have a look at the pictures below for the early warning signs.

If you are not sure about one do not touch it just give us a call on 1300 796 500.


  • 3 simple questions to answer to check if yours are safe…
  1. Do the face plates of your power points and light switches have any cracks?
  2. Do your switches arc or crackle when you use them?
  3. Is there any scorch marks or excessive wear on the sockets?

If you answered yes to any of these then you need to take action…

  • Below are some examples of what a damaged and dangerous point may look like:



Worn, cracked or broken power points and lights switches:

Our electricians have seen this happen a lot when replacing or installing new power points in homes. Power points are often damaged or may have deteriorated from use over the years. Every time you plug an appliance in or out it takes a small toll on the power point. This repeated use can cause a power point to be ineffective, have the faceplate break away, plugs no longer fitting correctly, cracks down the middle of the mechanism and falling out, sagging from the wall switch rocker has been pushed back inside the switch, or popped out completely, the list is endless. All these signs point to extreme danger for both yourself and your home.

Exposed live electrical parts whether it be a power point or a light switch can be deadly. Anyone touching these parts could receive and electric shock

Sometimes dangerous points can be by physical damage, other times the parts are just worn out. Broken switches can be especially dangerous because you are often entering a dark room, feeling around for the switch and not able to see what you are about to touch. Damaged or wrongly wired plugs and cords are the most common cause of electrical accidents in and around the home. These scenarios are magnified if your home is not protected by safety switch at your switchboard.

thumbOccasionally wires become loose or disconnected, especially on power points that are not firmly mounted. If it moves easily side to side, or works intermittently, turn off the power and call an electrician. Wires can also become brittle and broken if flexed or pulled, especially in older homes. If your power points have poor internal contacts or loose wire terminals, they may become overheated and emit sparks. Even with nothing plugged into it, it may run hot if it is passing current through to other power points on the same circuit. It is important to get any wiring issues checked out.


Why You Should Throw Out Your Double Adapters

If you don’t have enough electricity sockets for your appliances, it is easy to grab a cheap double adapter to give you another socket. Think again. Double adapters seem harmless, but they are one of the most dangerous electrical gadgets you can use in your home. Adapters don’t have any type of overload protection built in. They are easily overloaded by using high power drawing


appliances or having too many appliances plugged into the same outlet. This means they get hot very quickly and are a well known cause of house fires. The sloping side design of double adapters allow for easy dislodgement for leads exposing live pins. It is easy to grab the live pins with the socket, increasing risk of electrocution.. All it takes is a finger, piece of jewellery, pet collar or paperclip to touch the pins and it will electrocute you, or blow out your circuits (if you don’t have an electrical safety switch installed in your switchboard).The temptation with double adapters is to just add more if you need more outlets. Every time you add/piggy back adaptors onto each other or to power board you are increase the risk of fire and creating overloaded circuits. If you have double adapters in your house, throw them away today!

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