The humid climate in Sydney is perfect for causing rising damp problems in homes. This leads to the buildup of mould; a breeding ground for termites, pests and bacteria. If there is a musty smell or evidence of moisture in your subfloor space, Then this is the major cause of mould in Sydney homes.

thumbDo you want a healthier home to live in by eliminating the cause of your mould for good?

Studies have proven Mould will maker you sicker. It can exacerbate existing illnesses such as the common cold, asthma or allergies and slows healing of wounds. Sinus, skin and respiratory infections, yeast infections, headaches, aching joints, asthma, fatigue, loss of libido, even depression and anxiety were some of the problems attributed to mould!

Babies growing up in damp homes where mould and mildew are present develop more respiratory illnesses such as pneumonia, croup and bronchitis

There are two common ways for stopping mould – above or below the floor. Sub floor ventilation stops the problem at the source with a combination of ducting, electrical fans, timers and vents. Above the floor treatment of the symptoms include cleaning with oil of clove, dehumidifiers and wardrobe heaters.

The Solution is nearly always correct under-floor ventilation

thumbI have tried or seen most of the solutions on the market. No other system actually fixes the problem as well as this one does! Creating good sub for ventilation also has the benefit of…

  • Prevents fungi, mould, rotting boards, musty, musty smells, bowing timber and lifting lino or viny tiles.
  • Promotes a healthy living environment for the prone to winter colds or with other respiratory conditions.
  • Discourages termites by creating an airy, light environment.
  • Changing the air minimum of 5 but we recommend at least 8-10 minutes per hour

Our Technicians accurately measure your property. They quickly determine the right volume of air needed to create a dry, healthy under floor airflow.

This airflow eliminates moisture at the ground level. Simply it eliminates the problem in a matter of weeks.

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