The Different Types of Home Intercom Systems

There are two reasons why there are owners of residences who want to have intercom systems set up in their homes by qualified, licensed, and sufficiently-equipped electricians.

First, the owner of the house wants an easy way to communicate with whoever is out at the front door. Second, the owner wants the household to have an easy way to communicate with each other when they are in different parts of the house. Intercoms also help to increase the security of your home.

There are also other homeowners who wish to have such systems set up in their homes for both reasons mentioned.

While it is true that this type of security system is highly beneficial to the home, there are a wide variety of types of intercom systems available in the market. Read on to know what these are and their features…

Basic Wireless and Wired Audio Type

Hard-wired audio types are a common sight in households. Such units have cables that can be run through floors, ceiling, and walls so that two or more units can be placed in two or more different rooms or areas.

On the other hand, the wireless type of audio-only system is not that common in homes, but this does not mean it is a bad option. As a matter of fact, they are not expensive and are as impressive as the wired types.

Video-Based or Audio-Video Type

The video-based type of intercom system is no different from the wired audio intercom except from the fact that the former features a stream of live audio. For this reason, devices with live video streaming capability are more popularly used to see whoever is waiting for us at the front door than it is for speaking with someone in another part of the house.

Video-based types come in wireless and wired configurations. Models also differ in terms of video quality. While some feature black and white live video, other models feature coloured live video. Some are capable of low-resolution live video, while others are capable of high-definition live video. Still, there are others with infrared night vision.

Usually, only the homeowner and other members of the household can see the video feed. However, there are options that feature two-way live video.

Smart Home Solutions

Intercom systems now have “smart” versions. Smart devices can be activated or controlled through smartphone and tablet applications. They can also be programmed to communicate with other “smart devices.” Appliances and devices with smart versions include light bulbs, security cameras, televisions, refrigerators, and air conditioning units.

Most systems of this type can be installed and configured easily. However, there are units or models, which should only be set up and configured by professionals.


Intercom systems are often found in apartment buildings, multi-person rental homes, and multi-family dwellings due to the fact that they make communicating with other people living in the same building easier. However, they are also useful in single-family dwellings. After all, it’s always great to be able to clearly hear and clearly see the person waiting for us at the front door.

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