Solar PV Repairs

SOLAR PV system performance is hardly affected especially if it is installed on a roof as solar PV panels are rarely affected by wear and tear. Although, solar photovoltaic is expected to last for up to 25 years and more, the inverter that helps to convert the direct current(DC) generated by solar PV panels to alternating current(AC) surely needs replacement after a period of time.

Although solar photovoltaic usually needs minor repair since most places the UK, Australia favors it maintenance due to rainfall that helps the cleaning process of the panels resulting in optimal performance. However, you don’t need to rely on the rain to do the washing since that is not the best way to maintain your solar PV panel after spending a reasonable amount for installation.

On the other hand, for solar PV panels mounted on the ground could accumulate debris, overshadows from trees could affect the performance of the photovoltaic panels. These factors could be avoided by regular inspection and repairs.
When your solar PV system needs an attention for a repair, just the same as when installing solar PV system, seek out a company that is RECC, CEC & MCS accredited expert such as “AARON’s COMPLETE ELECTRICAL” (ACE) company in Sydney Australia for standard installations and repairs.

solar repairs

Solar PV Not Working?

There can be a number of reasons while you assume that your panels are not generating electricity. We can carry out a complete survey of your installed and existing PV with advise on any existing issues you may have. We would remove all panels to test and eliminate the faulty PV. Besides,  we also offer you products that can help you save more money with PV.

What should I do if solar PV installer is out of business?

When the initial installer is no longer in business, seek a licensed professional electrician who could do the job. If solar PV warranty is still valid, It is the responsibility of the professional electrician to notify the insurance company without any cost to solar PV owner.

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