1. Current Location
Smoke alarms are designed to wake you if there is a fire while you’re sleeping. Best location is within 1.5m of the door to every room where a person may sleep. One on every level of your home. Interlink them so if 1 goes off they all go off. Avoid putting them near kitchens and bathrooms. Ionisation is most common and best value. Photoelectric alarms are best because the false alarm less when located near bathrooms and kitchens. They also can pick up the smouldering type of smoke much earlier, which is common in house fires, this early detection can give you valuable time to get out.


2. Press test button to make sure it tests ok.
All alarms have a button to test. Get on a step ladder and press the test the button. They recommend this should be done monthly but a few times a year is better than none. I always do it on the day I move my clocks forward and back for daylight savings. If it screams at you when you press and hold the test button it is good. The longer you press the louder it gets. No noise then its time for a new alarm.


3. Alarm not expired. Change the battery…
It is best to change the battery every year. Do it when you move the clocks back at the end of daylight savings. Check the expiry date, it is always written on the back of the alarm. If expired get it replaced. 240v alarms need replacement every 10 years. Some battery alarms only last a year but the good lithium battery alarms will last for 10 years.