In the event of home fires, only precautionary warnings can provide your family the crucial period to break away from a smoke packed room, as smoke coming from a house fire is toxic. In addition, if you are sleeping, in reality the smoke will set you in a deeper slumber, thus preventing you to smell the fire smoke. With the use of smoke alarm, you will be alerted for the first signs of the fire. Smoke alarms provide you the initial warning which is the crucial first stage for home fire safety plan.

New laws now obligates home owners to install smoke alarms in every domestic residential properties. Here at ACE Electricians Sydney, we make use of and highly recommend 240V alarms and should come with a backup battery. We can source and set up (1) alarm for as low as $132 or $105 each for installations more than one.

Book and Acquire your installation now and we offer a fire safety plan, compliance certificate and safety report, all for free.

Economical alarms are now available from any local hardware but batteries for most of these alarms needs to be replaced more than once a year.

Local hardware stores now offer different kinds of DIY smoke alarms. And before you use any of these kinds, we have a few recommendations:

  • Make sure that your house or your unit has the appropriate required number of functional smoke alarms
  • Every level in your home needs to have a smoke alarm. Set them up between areas where fires are possible to start (ex., in your kitchen, within your garage) and in locations where a family member might sleep (most esp. in bedrooms, TV rooms), and to limit fake alarms mount them near the sleeping areas, in your hallways, etc.
  • Use only alarms approved by the Australian Standards # 3786.
  • Hire qualified electricians to install hard wired alarms.
  • In choosing your alarms, pick those with good warranty. Read on the manufacturer’s user guide before acquisition as some have only short life spans or requires new batteries quite often. Please be guided as well that smoke alarms needs to be installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Test your smoke alarms regularly, if possible, in a monthly basis.
  • Batteries for battery operated alarms should be replaced at least once a year, most cheap battery operated alarms only lasts for one year. On the other hand, hard wired alarms lasts for 5-10 years and the batteries can lasts up to 5 years. And for your peace of mind, we offer a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty for the alarms that we use.
  • Alarms have limited life spans, therefore, you ought to replace them.
  • Smoke alarms needs to be cleaned too in order to be efficient and effective. Simply operate a vacuum over it.
  • If you have children, it is always recommended to use interconnected alarms that will trigger at the same time. In our case, extra charges will apply, starting from $55.

If you are living in an older house and electrical faults are a major occurrence, then get an expert to get your house re-wired, the earlier, the better. Also, if you are constantly hunted by worries of possible fire risks and electrocution, then be better safe than sorry. Plus, there are home insurance plans rejected if old wiring is established to be the source of fire.

I commonly recommend to get smoke alarms installed and acquire property safety report from us. This report will put you at ease that you have a safe wiring and in addition we can provide you a pricing for a needed rewire and/or switchboard upgrades, whatever the case may be.

What more can you do to fire-proof your homes?

  • Always have a course of action that should take care how to proceed when the smoke alarm goes off and cautions you of a fire.
  • Everyone within your household should create a written escape strategy and should practice it more frequently.
  • Family members known to sleep heavily, including children or those members afflicted with alcohol or even drugs are most likely to ignore alarm sounds. Ensure that this is being covered within your home escape strategy.

    And to add more security tips about smoke alarms

  • Always keep in mind that smoke coming from fire will confuse you and that it is impossible to see in a smoke covered area.
  • After escaping from a home fire, always stay outside and contact 000.
  • Have the members of your family learn techniques about fire escape, and rehearse prior to a fire escape drill.
  • Be sure to assign members If you have someone in your family that has mobility or hearing troubles, to help them escape.
  • Always remember the importance of a home fire safety. Be alert and prepare always, prevention is better than cure.
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