Servicing Solar


Most solar system owners often neglect servicing their solar system. Servicing electricity sources improves their performance and avoid major repair that could result from negligence. When you take regular steps to ensure occasional servicing and maintenance of your solar system, it helps to maximize its performance. Neglecting to service your solar system could cause you to spend more money than intended.

It could be that you have a system installed by a company that is no longer in business or not responding to calls. In this case, you can seek the services of a professional. Provided they are licensed or certified for quality services.

  • Solar Servicing Could Include But Not Limited To:
  • General poor performance of a solar system.
  • Any preventative maintenance.
  • Cleaning PV panels.
  • Replacing of solar panels or adding more panels.
  • Inspection of connectors, bolts and generation meters.
  • Anti-islanding test.
  • Checking inverter and the solar system output to ensure the system performance is within specification and capacity.
  • Checking for proper operation of all isolators, circuit breakers, switches.
  • Inspection of the modules.
  • Inspecting all the displays on the inverter such as LED indicators, metering.
  • Inspecting of wiring /wiring enclosure to avoid potential damage as a result of heat, UV.
  • Shading assessment to avoid the inefficiency of panels input of solar and output of AC current.
  • Testing and checking exercise are carried out to ensure that your system is consistent with safety standards.

At ACE, we give you a complete written report is provided after the servicing exercise is completed.

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