Being thoroughly certified and owning premier licenses, and with the benefit of having insured electrical contractors whenever we check a lcoation, it is always our obligation to assure that the property is shielded against, wiring faults , any impending electrocution dangers and most importantly fires. And this would implicate us executing quick and easy assessments and visual examinations to assure the safety of your family and home every time.

The process is realistically simple and effortless. We just need admittance to the entire property, with the inclusion of any roof and sub floor units, with the switchboard not an exception and including every room inside. We would carry the weight of burden within our conscience if accidents might occur with us not implementing the very few simple tests to caution you of impending hazards.

Weighing values for these reports are correctly impossible, when you take into account that this could save not just your wallet, but your house and most importantly lives. Claims for home insurance policy’s can be denied by insurance companies if faults we have tested will be proved to be the cause.

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