Replacing LED Down Lights Sydney

Down Light With Spring Clips:

    • The spring should be taken out and the globe should have dropped down.
    • For 12 V downlights, hold the lamp holder in one hand and use the other hand to pull out the globe.
    • For 240V downlight, some more effort will be needed to remove the globe as you will need to hold the lamp holder and then turn the globe anti-clockwise until it comes out.
    • To change the globe, you will need to add the globe and/or screw the globe into the holder clockwise until it is secure and then re-add the springs.

Down Light With Twist Front Face Plate:

      • You will need to turn the faceplate by using two fingers against the lugs on the faceplate.
      • Not only will the faceplate drop out but so will the globe hanging from the lampholder.
      • You will then need to twist the globe out of the metal clip to then replace the globe.
      • If the face plate comes off, gently remove the faceplate using your fingernails or tools that will remove the faceplate safely. If it drops down, then turn the globe until it comes out. If it is attached with a metal clip, twist the globe out of the clip and then replace the globe by either screwing in the globe or re-attaching it to the metal clip.

It is important that you turn off all of the power supply before replacing the lights to prevent shock and other complications from arising.

Ensure that you replace the lights in a clean environment that aren’t dusty or smokey and is not humid.

Do not replace the lamps in areas where there is a high concentration of salt air.

Ensure that all lamps on one transformer share the same brand. If this is not the case, please contact a licensed electrician immediately.

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