Most Common Problems with Wi-Fi

There are some common problems when connecting to Wi-Fi. It could be that you have a slow connection.Here are a few simple DIY tips to help improve your wifi:

Router Placement

You may be too far from the router. If that is the case, move closer to the router. Try being in the same room as the router for a while and see if that makes a difference. If it doesn’t, try placing the router a bit higher, perhaps on a shelf away from other devices and place it in a central location in the home.

Reduced Internet Speed

There could also be a lack of bandwidth which can drastically slow down the connection. Try disconnecting any devices that aren’t currently being used from the Wi-Fi. You can also plug directly to the router using a Cat-5 Ethernet cable if there are multiple persons using the internet.

Be wary of the fact that someone may be also connected to your Internet. You should ensure that the network is secured at all times.


Your Wi-Fi is also affected by interference by other appliances which produce waves such as the microwave and even furniture can raise a problem.

For a stronger, connection, try to remove such objects away from the router. It can be due to leaving the settings unchanged which can lead to crowding of the default wires frequency channels. To fix this, perform a power cycle on the router.

Congested channels

You can manually select a different channel by logging into the admin panel. You can enable both frequencies (2.4GHz and 5GHz) if it is a dual-band router. It could be that the router is outdated and you may need a new one. Try to get a new router every two years to avoid further issues.

Hardware Issues

If it is that you cannot connect to the internet at all, there could be a slight glitch with the modem or router. Try unplugging the modem and router from power and wait up to a minute before connecting back to power. If the connection constantly drops and there has been a massive service outage, you may have to talk your Internet Service Provider.

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