Heated Floors Under Tile

Heated Floors Under Tile For A Warm And Cozy HomeA hot cup of coffee is everyone’s favourite morning drink but how can you make one when you can’t even travel to the kitchen early in the morning due to your ice-cold floor tiles? It’s a constant struggle to most of us to wake up every day to a cold floor.

Although, a pair of extra thick slippers and large mat could help you fight against the cold temperature, they just are not enough and may not be that effective at times.

The best solution to this is having an underfloor heating system at home. Experts highly recommend that you install floor heaters under your tiles since they create not only a warm environment for your home but a healthy one too. Unlike traditional heating systems, which are installed above ground, heated floors under tile do not blow around dust particles and allergens inside your house. What they do is they radiate heat to your feet and slowly let the heat rise warming everything including all your surfaces, the furnishings and everyone at home.

If you decide to install a floor heating system, make sure to get the services of a professional and qualified electrician. Our technicians are highly skilled and well trained to address your entire floor heating needs. We give you expert advice on the best underfloor heating design that would fit your budget and needs and which you could benefit the most from.

Basic Types
There are two basic types of floor heaters. Both have their unique advantages and disadvantages depending on the number of areas you are going to install the heaters on.

  • 1. Electric Radiant Heater
    This type makes use of electrical current to heat up and warm an entire room. This is ideal if you’re planning to add the heating system to a few areas around your house. If you’re installing this feature limited to your kitchen and to your bathrooms only, opt for this type of floor heater. It’s cost efficient and super easy and quick to install even in small places. Just make it a point to ask the assistance of a trusted electrician and tile installer.
  • 2. Hydronic Heater
    If you are renovating your home then this type of heater is the best one for you. This is more complicated to install but is highly efficient. It uses a complex tubing system with heated water inside. The heated water provides you and the entire area with enough warmth.

Benefits Of Floor Heating:

  • Safety

    Having heated floors under your bathroom and kitchen tiles improves the safety of everyone at home. There will be less risk of injuries caused by wet floors since the spilled water on the floor easily evaporates because of the heat.

  • Convenience

    It provides you with more convenience in terms of controlling the temperature. The unit has an electronic control with a thermostat. Some units have programmable timer which allows you to make use of the system more efficiently especially during cold months.

  • Added Value

    It adds value to your entire house. Most homebuyers desire for houses with heated bathroom floors. If you decide to sell your house in the future, you can easily find a buyer.

What to Consider Before Purchasing Your Floor Heating System
Before you opt for heated flooring, you have things you need to take into account first. It’s a good idea to invest in underfloor heating systems but you have to look at the whole picture because even if they provide you with numerous benefits, they still don’t come without any disadvantages.

For older houses, there might be a need for extensive and thorough electrical work so that you’d be able to meet the requirements the manufacturer demands. If there is a need for any repairs down the line, then that would be a bigger project which means more work and more expenses. Consider going for porcelain, natural stone or ceramic tiles since these flooring materials are excellent heat conductors and retain heat for a longer period.

You need to consider the initial price of the entire unit, as well as its running costs. There are a variety of cost efficient and energy saving products available in the market today. If you want to save more on your utility bills, you may program the thermostat to run only in the morning.

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