Contractors at ACE Sydney Electricians only provide outstanding and exceptional answers and strategies to our Commercial customers. Our team is fully equipped with experience, trainings and expertise, providing a wide-range of electrical operations to an enormous selection of institutions, business firms, corporations, government sectors, companies, and amenities.

Our electricians at ACE perform effectively and efficiently to guarantee all task are achieved in accordance with our client’s standards and requirements.

For any commercial/industrial requirements, we provide the following services:

  • Project Planning
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Phone, Data and Network
  • Down Lights
  • Electrical Installations, Assessment and Maintenance
  • Smoke Alarms
  • Safety Switches
  • Switchboards
  • TV, Antenna and Pay TV
  • Strata and Real Estates
  • Safety Inspections

We have extremely competent, experienced and skilled electricians, whatever demands and needs that may arise from you, we are certain that we’re going to exceed your expectations. And this we guarantee, with less disruption on your functions and operations, staff and clients.

Builders & New Home Sites

ACE teams up with first-rated choice few contractors, and we enjoy prepared and structured. Our bills are invariably settled on time. Our work is always in accordance with the Australian Standards or much more better and we always take pride on our workmanship’s Quality. Our electricians are covered and guaranteed insured and fully certified and qualified with workers comp and pubic legal responsibility.

Dian Aaron on 1300796500, if this describes the system you like to operate and function.

This is the way how I prefer for a common regular task to develop…though for certain, often there are obstructions and challenges, and even along with other hoops to leap through… but I assure you, these are things we will continually and always straighten out as we progress, however the general typical plan is…
To begin with, we provide you a copy of our own licenses, insurance coverage along with our cost listing for every work we can do for you. And as we move forward, we request you to sign as well as give back the price listing along with a credit document with a standard term.

Anytime you ask us to perform a task…
You can give us a call, or send us an Email in order for your task to be booked in or, you can also provide us your plans. Please allow us 7-days’ notice. We can always provide you a quote in line with the plans you sent and this is all free of charge. Our quotation is as precise as the facts and details you have supplied and will be subject to a site assessment. You can also incorporate other relevant information such as specification sheets for appliances, or even lighting schedules (if you would like us to carry on organizing or strategizing a job for you, or need us to be present at site in order to provide your quotation, then additional fees will be apply, as this is already an additional work load).

Then ACE Team carries out the job…

The initial quotation previously sent will be modified based on the work done and it will delivered to you together with the invoice. Fees and charges will only be based on the task we were able to accomplish in line with the approved price list, instructions received verbally and of course with the plans. You then provide 50% payment for the overall job once the rough in is completed. Normally, it will take additional two site trips for us to complete and we will be able to send in any additional modifications, which will be sent to you on paper immediately. Also, please keep in mind that if you required additional visits or any additional work (apart from what is drafted and agreed upon), additional charges will apply. And finally, after the final work completes and in accordance to your approval and liking, we provide you with the final invoice… you settle this and then we proceed on to the next task.

In the event you settle your accounts on time and every time, and are satisfied and pleased with our performance, we can always re-negotiate your prices. Should your jobs are structured and prepared, therefore our time is not wasted, then you can save $$$$. At ACE, Better payesr, always get better rates.

We are always organized, and our rates are competitive, that comes with excellent on the top work performance. So… if you decide to have us assist you, or work for you, then call Aaron on 1300796500, and we assure you a job right beyond your expectation.

Strata & Real Estate Electrical Jobs

We work with many real estate agents in the area and have systems in place to keep tenants, owners and agents happy with our services.

Here are a few things we always do;

Make contact with the tenant immediately and arrange a suitable appointment.

We will call you immediately if we find one of your jobs can’t be completed within the time frame you set.

We have no call out fee if the job requires more than 2 hours labour.

We bill in half hour increments

And included with every service call is a complete written electrical property report.