What Are Pond Pumps?

These devices are used to oxygenate and circulate pond water. They might be used together with a biofilter, in which the water drawn into the device is pushed through the biofilter, and then pushed back into the pond through the outlet. As another option, this can also be used to power any water feature when there is no fish in the pond.

Below Are The Best Pumps To Choose For Your Garden Pond:


This is a long-lasting pump of high-quality, usually accompanied with a water filter. It has a number of attributes that contribute to the long lasting durability of this submersible pump. It covers a year warranty and the pump impeller is not liable to corrosion because it is made with ceramic and not steel. Also, the vinyl casing is well-seamed and very thick. The mechanism is free of oil which makes it not prone to any leaking.

Ponics comes with (3) three outlet adaptors, it has different power grades ranging from 400 GPH to 530 GPH. It comes with different cord lengths of “6in” and “16in”. It has a control panel used to adjust the power grade based on power required.


If your pond requires a pump with great amount of power then Alpine cyclone pump is the best for you. This product is accompanied with a filter which can be removed without using any tools. It is very strong, durable and easy to install. Its power grade runs up to 5200 GPH and it is very good for pumping 5200 gallons of water hourly. It also has all the attributes that one would expect in a high-end unit pump, has an impeller made of ceramic, is magnetic driven, submersible and covers up to three years warranty.


Active Aqua Pump has both outlet and inlet pipes that can be used in line or submersed under water. It is oil free and environmentally safe. It has a 6` power cord with different power grades ranging from 40GPH – 1000 GPH with few different models. This unit has a two-layered filter and it covers up to a year warranty. It is also BPA free, thereby making it safe for aquaponic use



This is a very powerful pump with a power capacity ranging from 3000 GPH to 4000GPH but still consumes less eneergy. It is versatile for use with filters, waterfalls and water fountains. This device also has an efficient magnetic drive technology, completely submersible and includes extra large clog resistant filter screen. Its pump is based with stabilizing feet and is accompanied with a barbed fitting adapter.

The product comes with a 12ft and 16ft power cord with a grounded plug which is very long compared to other pump models with same capacity.


This water pump has a large debris filter with three different units such as the 11,800 GPH, 3,100 GPH, and 2,100 GPH, all made in a little different design from each other. It has a wireless multi-mode controller that allows adjustment of the wave maker and synchronized operation. It can produce up to 1056 gallons per hour. The mechanism has powerful and high performance water flow accompanied with quiet operation and low energy consumption.

This device can be used in a diverse of aquarium sizes with fresh or salt water. The same with its magnetic mount, it is submersible and is easy to install and maintain.

*Choose The Right Pump For Your Garden Pond*

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