Australian Subfloor Ventilation System

As a result of exposure to consistent and severe weather storms and other climatic conditions, sub floor ventilation is very critical to the durability of the flooring. In Australia, it is guided by the provisions of the Australian Standard (AS) 3666 and the Building Code of Australia (BCA). Through the installation of fans, insulated ducting and moisture resistant ducts, sub floor ventilation blocks the movement of excessive wet moisture into the house.

The Importance of Good Sub Floor Ventilation

There are many benefits of having a good sub floor ventilation system, below are some vital benefits of good sub floor ventilation as recommended by

1. It Promotes Family Health

The dampness of the floor can lead to asthmatic and allergic attacks and also lead to pest infections notably white ants and termites. Australian standards emphasized the installation of the subfloor ventilation system to prevent the growth of mould and excess moisture within the sub-floor.

2. To Ward of Termite Attack

To avoid rotting of floorboards and prevent the destruction of sub floor walls and boards by destructive pests like termites and even white ants, it is imperative that homeowners have a proper sub floor ventilation system. The Australian Standard (AS) 3660 on the management of termites and white ants highly recommends that homeowners prevent moisture from their subfloor as it is known to attract the destructive pests.

3. It Maintains the House Structure

Discoloration of brick walls, which can cause the weakening of the house structure, can be caused by the irritating growth of mold in the sub floor. The growth of mold can be highly dangerous to family health.
Proper subfloor ventilation should be put in place to avoid witnessing the above condition.

4. It Prevents Bad Odor

The quality of indoor air can be altered by the smells of moisture of the subfloor, which permeates into the living rooms. Pungent odours can lead to respiratory problems in the house.

A good ventilation system ensures the quality of good air into the home!

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