Tips on Where To Install Alarm System In Your Home

Tips on Where To Install Alarm System In Your Home

Home security and safety is something that shouldn’t be taken lightly by homeowners. Even when you feel perfectly safe and secured inside your own house, you still can’t guarantee complete safety. Burglars can easily enter your home especially at night or when you’re far from home if you don’t have a well-established home security system.

Aside from preventing home burglary, you have to protect yourself and your property from all sorts of hazards and damages. One of the biggest threats to your safety at home is fire. Your house is full of flammable materials which left unattended and comes in contact with flame, could quickly result to fire.

Another thing, which causes fire, is a malfunctioning electrical unit. You have to be mindful of your appliances and wirings so you can prevent any electrical accidents. When you notice any signs of fault within your electrical system, contact a licensed local electrician right away to help you out.

Reasons Why You Need A Home Security Alarm System:
If you are a busy person, it is highly recommended that you get a security alarm for your properties. You are not at home most of the time; this is the best way you can safeguard your belongings and your property. Even when you are a home, you still can’t guarantee absolute security. You need to be warned of any signs of danger so you can find a way to avoid it.

Types Of Alarm Systems:
There are different types of alarm systems available in the Australian market. Each of them offers unique qualities and benefits. Some offer you high level of security while others protect you from factors that pose safety and health risks. Some provide you with convenience and helps you detect any malicious acts before they result to something bad.

The best thing about installing an alarm system at home is, it can save your life and your properties. The key factor to a highly efficient system is proper installation. Make sure to get a qualified electrician to install your alarm system.

1. Burglar Alarms

This type of system will drive away burglars before they even get inside your residence. They detect motions that the system sees as malicious and sends signal that would command the alarm to produce a loud sound. The sound alerts you including everyone near the area and scares away the burglars.

A burglar alarm system is composed of various components. Proper positioning of these components will ensure that the system will work properly and would enhance home security.

  • The main control panel which is basically the brain of your entire burglar alarm system should be placed in a safe location preferably, near a power point or outlet. The ideal location for it is in a closet or in an area which is not easily accessible. Although, this can be inconvenient since you need to access the panel every time you leave the house but this can be easily solved by getting a key fob. You can make use of this device for easy arming and disarming of the system.
  • Motions Sensors and security cameras should be placed in every access point or entryway to your house such as doors and windows. Ideally, the number of motion sensors should be equal to the number of all your doors and windows including your garage door, if you have. You have to secure every entry of your house.

2. Smoke Alarms

This detects smoke and heat which then produces a loud siren when triggered. The system prevents any human casualties and property damage caused by fire and other poisonous substances. Smoke alarms are available in different types and each is made for specific areas in your home.

  • Ionisation smoke alarms are considered to be the most cost-effective among all kinds of smoke alarms. They are most commonly installed outside the bedrooms.
  • Photoelectric smoke alarms are ideally placed in kitchens and in bathrooms. They cost a bit more than ionisation but are way more advanced. This should be the type of alarm that you need to install in high risk areas inside your residence such as your kitchen where there is great possibility of fire.
  • Carbon Monoxide alarms are mainly used for health purposes. Carbon monoxide is toxic to the human body which could even cause death when you’re exposed to high levels of this chemical. This alarm is best installed in the kitchen and in areas where your heaters are placed. Heaters emit carbon monoxide including your ovens and cook tops.

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