Where to Put a Bathroom Exhaust Fan


A bathroom exhaust fan removes stale and humid air from your bathroom and keeps it dry and odourless. It also helps in proper ventilation thus keeping your bathroom free from damp, mould and fogging air after every usage. Let us discuss in this blog where to put a bathroom exhaust fan.

Choosing an appropriate location for your bathroom fan is a tricky job. It should always be kept in mind that the exhaust fan should be installed as high as possible. The best practice is to either install it adjacent to ceiling or in your attic with a duct opening in your bathroom’s ceiling. The duct should be near the shower as it will suck in the moist air with the highest efficiency and help keep your bathroom dry and fresh. If your vent fan has a heater attached to it, try not installing it over the shower.

Size and capacity also plays an important role in selection of the location of your exhaust fan. If the bathroom is to be dried in the least possible time, a high capacity fan should be installed with its exit as close to the external atmosphere as possible.

The fan should be installed away from the air intake source, preferably diagonally opposite from the door or windows or in such a way that the fresh air travels maximum space before it is sucked out. It will allow the fresh air to circulate in the whole bathroom before it removed by the exhaust fan.

There should be proper provision for outside air to enter the bathroom. The stale air which is damp and contains hot steam rises upwards as it is light in weight. A fan installed near the ceiling sucks this moist air and creates a void in the bathroom. The fresh air from outside or your room gushes in to fill the void thus contributing in ventilating your bathroom and keeping it dry and fresh.

In case you want multiple exhaust points for faster suction, install your exhaust fan system in the attic and provide multiple ducts in the ceiling of your bathroom. This helps in sucking in more air from the bathroom thus drying up your bathroom faster and with higher efficiency.

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