The advantages of having a video wireless system at home

Answering the door may be a simple thing to do but can be quite troublesome when you have a big home. When you’re in the middle of doing something like taking a shower and someone rings the doorbell, you have to stop what you’re doing and go downstairs just so you can welcome your visitor. But when you finally get to check who’s at your door, you are only greeted by an annoying salesperson. A total bummer right?

Thanks to modern advancements in home security technology, you can finally live with more convenience. Wireless videos intercoms help you see any person who comes at your door even without opening your doors. This helps you take some time to think whether you should invite the person in or not. You don’t have to rush towards your door every single time you hear the doorbell. No matter where you are located inside your home, you can just look at the monitor to see who is outside.

A wireless intercom package will usually include a wireless doorbell with camera, which could cover a wide line of sight and transmission range. It also includes a handheld device with an LCD monitor attached to it, which you can carry around to check on whoever is outside your house. With more advanced units, you get to access electronic door locks using a remote.

To maximise the benefits of such a system, seek the services of a qualified electrician. At ACE, we are very experienced and knowledgeable when it comes to the setup, design and installation of your security alarm systems. You can guarantee an efficient intercom system when a professional who has proven expertise in the field properly installs it.

The Advantages Of A Security Alarm System Installed In Your Home:

Enhanced Security
With the increase of home crime and intrusion rate, you need to take action so you can prevent any of these unpleasant incidents. One good action is by installing a highly efficient video intercom in your house. This adds security to your home by giving you the option to see and identify people knocking at your door before you decide to let them in. When you have this technology, you get to have 24/7 surveillance on the outside of your property even when you’re safely locked inside your residence. You can sleep soundly knowing that you have a much safer place. Intrusions and other home crimes are prevented as well.

No Hassle
One of the best things about wireless video intercoms when compared to hardwired ones are they require less effort to install. They are quick and easy to install making them the ideal choice for those who want to keep their homes looking tidy and free from exposed wires. Some intercoms help you instruct people like the paperboy or the pizza delivery man without directly interacting with them. You can leave stuff at your doorstep as well for people to pick up, you can see through the monitor when they arrive. You may wait for them to buzz you so you can tell where exactly you placed the item for pick up.

Easy Monitoring Inside And Outside Your Home
Aside from providing you the luxury of monitoring the outside area of your residence, you may install video intercoms inside your rooms too so that you can easily monitor what’s happening inside. This is highly beneficial especially if you have children at home. You can peacefully perform household chores without running back and forth just to check on your kids from the other room.

Reliable During Blackouts
Some wireless video intercom systems are battery-operated making them the best option when you have frequent blackouts or power outages in your area. Battery-operated intercoms have the same efficiency as that of power-operated ones.

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