Sydney Electrician Gets The Garden Lights Back On For A Lady’s House In The Sydney Suburb Of Roseville

Good day, this is Aaron from Aaron’s Complete Electrical team. And I have a blog post called SYDNEY ELECTRICIAN GETS THE GARDEN LIGHTS BACK ON FOR A LADY’S HOUSE IN THE SYDNEY SUBURB OF ROSEVILLE. Okay, let’s begin, Jill from Roseville was in urgent need of a Sydney electrician to help her out before her party on the weekend. She had tried a couple of electricians from the yellow pages and Google searches who we’re unable to help her on short notice. She eventually had crossed us and gave me a call, I was able get to her place the following day to fix her garden lights so that her entertaining area was lit up for her guests on the weekend. When I arrived, I had a quick look at the job, assess what needs to be done and gave her an upfront price before we started. She was very happy with the price and she got us to proceed. Now in her garden lights, they were low voltage and I had made a couple of really good quality garden lights, to light up her garden at night. And I found a few, small problems that were easily fixed, other place the lamp holders, and a few of the connections to the lightings were rusted, so I readied those connections, and used an epoxy glue joiner so that those connections will never ever be out of the rust again because it is sealed with an epoxy glue. That’s the proper way to do garden lights, then we will just make the cabling lasts forever. So I fixed those couple of problems and I did a safety inspection for Jill from Roseville. I found a power point that was dangerous that she is using for her ironing and that she has used this power point to turn the iron on and off. From the power point and this has caused the switch to have a crack in it which was very very dangerous. I quickly replaced that power point and she was very happy with the job. She gave me a valuable testimonial, testimonial saying that she was super impressed and very happy with the service I provided her and that she was sure that she’s gonna have a good party with lots of pals this weekend. So if you will have a problem, and you need an electrician in Sydney for an urgent job or you need an emergency technician in Sydney anywhere, please give Aaron a call from Aaron’s Complete Electrical on 1-300-796-500. Thanks.

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