Sydney Butcher, Sydney Electrician Response To An Emergency From A Butcher Without Lights.


So I was called by Paul, he’s a butcher in the Sydney suburb of Potts Point , he had an electrical emergency, the electrical system in his display fridges had failed, the refrigeration unit was still working but the lights were not working in his all displays of the meat. Obviously this is a major issue, because if your client cannot see the food clearly then you cannot know what to buy and would impact this turnover. He gave me a call and I was able to respond within two hours and he happened to have a truck nearby, we went to his Potts Point shop without emergency electrical response vehicle. I found the electrical connection to his fridge had a bit whole of damage and I was able to easily fix this, replaced a ballast to the flow of lights and a few starters and a few flow of light globes to his Sydney shop. This is a really easy fix and didn’t take me very long and I got a lot of working in his shop so that his clients could see all the meat that he was trying to display. Paul was really happy, he actually on the same day he got me to, he wants me to come back straight away and we got to do a bit of preventive maintenance on the rest of his lights and all of the other meat display fridges so that we can you know before the next electrical emergency happens we have already got the problem fixed, so he’s not going to be left without lights ever again. If you are in a need of emergency electrician in Sydney or in Potts Point, please call Aaron’s Complete Electrical at 1-300-796-500.

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