Switch Board Replacement

We came to Julia to do some work and made some safety inspection on her switch board. The original switch board in the house has burned marks and the fuses were all blown up. I gave her a quote to put some new safety switches on to get it up to the current standards. If there is ever a problem with someone’s getting electrocuted, the safety switches and circuit breakers can automatically detect those problems and turn off the four switches in the board if something bad happens.
This old black panel is actually asbestos for at the back portion there is a label Lebah wherein Lebah is a trade name of panels manufactured from asbestos material.
We made a new switch board. The asbestos panel has been replaced with a new panel which is fire resistant and the switch board has all the safety switches. You can actually check the switchboard once a month if it’s working just by pressing the test button and it turns off. Once you know that it’s working just flick it back up. The switch will automatically trip when it detects an electrical problem to protect the house from further damage. If you have one of those old fuse boxes give us a call and we can make a safe one that fits the safety current standard.

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