Sub-Floor Ventilation Problems

The sub-floor area in your home is very important. It not only serves as a stable foundation, but also as a means to create a healthy flow of air in your home. If this area is left poorly maintained, it can cause countless problems for your home and family’s health and safety.
Sub-floor moisture can cause problems of:

1. Rising damp
2. Unpleasant odours in your home
3. Wood rot – which is VERY important to those with wooden floor boards
4. Pest infestation – such as termites
5. Bacteria buildup

All of these issues will then lead to mould and mildew growing inside your home. Mould can have serious impacts on the health of your family, and is extremely dangerous to young children and people suffering from asthma.

At ACE, we are very experienced with sub-floor problems. We come out to you and inspect your sub-floor area and existence of moisture or dampness, then advise you on reliable and quality solutions. We use a combination of ducting, fans and vents to improve the flow of air in your sub-floor area, which will then reduce the prominence of dampness and mould buildup.

Tips And Tricks On How To Improve Dampness in Your Home and Sub-Floor Area:

  • Remove sub-floor obstructions
  • Replace existing vents with new metal ones. Metal vents have better airflow qualities.
  • Install an effective sub-floor ventilation system!
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