Most solar system owners often neglect servicing their solar system. Servicing electricity sources improves their performance and avoid major repair that could result from negligence. When you take regular steps to ensure occasional servicing and maintenance of your solar system, it helps to maximize its performance. Neglecting to service your solar system could cause you to spend more money than intended.
It could be that you have a system installed by a company that is no longer in business or not responding to calls. In this case, you can seek the services of a professional. Provided they are licensed or certified for quality services.


  • Solar Servicing Could Include But Not Limited To:
  • General poor performance of a solar system.
  • Any preventative maintenance.
  • Cleaning PV panels.
  • Replacing of solar panels or adding more panels.
  • Inspection of connectors, bolts and generation meters.
  • Anti-islanding test.
  • Checking inverter and the solar system output to ensure the system performance is within specification and capacity.
  • Checking for proper operation of all isolators, circuit breakers, switches.
  • Inspection of the modules.
  • Inspecting all the displays on the inverter such as LED indicators, metering.
  • Inspecting of wiring /wiring enclosure to avoid potential damage as a result of heat, UV.
  • Shading assessment to avoid the inefficiency of panels input of solar and output of AC current.
  • Testing and checking exercise are carried out to ensure that your system is consistent with safety standards.

At ACE, we give you a complete written report is provided after the servicing exercise is completed.


These are a regular care given to solar panel usually by keeping the solar panels clean of dirt or environmental element that can distort panels from absorbing sunlight. Solar panel maintenance is very important. If the panel is obstructed from sunlight, this reduces the amount of sunlight absorbed by the panels that in turn reduces the amount of electricity generated to your home. There are basically two methods of maintenance- Monitoring performance community Q&A and Solar panel cleaning.


This is a system that helps you monitor your solar panels performance. Through this system, you know when the performance is going to require maintenance. And with the Monitoring System you can know everything about your solar panels anytime, anywhere. Since a systems electricity production is directly related to solar panel performance, a monitoring system production will minimize solar panel related issues.



This involves cleaning the surfaces of your solar panel.This exercise is done in the following ways


  1. Have solar panels cleaning kits. These include soap, a brush, a wiper and a long handle brush. Just like washing your car!
  2. Mix the water with the soap in a container. Follow the specified amount of liquid soap.
  3. Gently rub the surface of the solar panel with your brush wet with the content of water and soap. Use the handheld brush for smaller solar panels and long handle brush for larger sized solar panels.
  4. Use a wiper to wipe off the surface. This should be done while the solar panel surface is still wet and should be done properly.
  5. To avoid damaging your solar panels, contact professional’s to do the job. Please, you can contact us ”AARON’S COMPLETE ELECTRICAL” (ACE) to schedule an appointment.
  6. Trim off regularly any tree branches that provide shade for the panel surface.


Don’t wash when the panels are hot to avoid the risk of solar panel crack and damage the panels.


Troubleshooting a solar panel becomes necessary when you notice that your solar panel system isn’t producing properly.

inverter failure 2
  • Run A Shading Test:
  • If the array configuration is in a parallel or series-parallel, you don’t need to disconnect any wires.
  • Cover or shade just a few cells with any large enough object and the module’s output will drop down a half.
  • Monitor the current as you shade a section of one module and see if the current should drop. On the other hand if the current does not drop, obviously the module you have covered is disconnected from the circuit.
  • Check for the wiring of that module to resolve the fault.
  • Burnt Terminals
  • Temperature cycling could at times cause a metal resistance or loosen screws.
  • An oxidation or corrosion could cause electrical resistance.
  • Replace the oxidized metal parts or tighten a loose screw.
  • Avoid wiring too many panels to a terminal.
  • Add other terminals, if you had many panels.
  • Analyze For Heat Fading:
  • When the sun causes the solar panel system to overheat, this result in heat fade.
  • A simple detective way is, when the sun is at its highest peak, this will drop the system electricity output in your home.
  • The solution is to check the wire connection for inefficient wire or a short wire connection. And replace with a specified wire.
  • Diode Failures:
  • To prevent cells from overheating if there is a minor shade over them, some PV module uses bypass diode.
  • In most cases when it shorts out, this reduces the modules voltage to zero ohms in both directions.
  • Modules with a 12V array need no bypass diode. While a 24V array will rarely experience sustained minor shading, so you may not need to remove it. But of other cases, you need to replace with a silicon diode of an amp that is within or above the module’s maximum current, and of a voltage rating of 400V.



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A SOLAR INVERTER is a designed apparatus that carries out or convert solar panel output, Direct Current (DC), into Alternating Current (AC) electricity that home appliances can better use from. In other words, a solar inverter is a mechanism takes radiant energy from the sun via the solar panels and converts or turns the radiant collected into usable energy for home appliances. Over the time, there have been common factors leading the device to failure. These are common points of failure of the device found, after several and careful inspection to the reason why they fail out.

inverter failure 2

Mostly, because of poor workmanship and materials, this may result in water entry and damage to the inverter. This damage as a result of inferior products used throughout the installation, leakage of DC, water in the AC and DC enclosure, unsealed penetrations into any enclosures, DC breaker terminals corrosion, under –sized breakers, solar panels incorrectly mounted on roof, solar panels on roof incorrectly secured and are loose fixing, inverter and boxes mounted directly to building walls through self-tapping screws into the 2mm tin clapping, can cause or lead to more severe and deadly issues like electrocution and fire. Thus, we can, therefore, conclude from a vivid observation that cheap products can cost you more than they are worth, causing a serious threat to precious life.

Other causes of inverter failure are:

    1. Improper Loading

The fuses are possible to be damaged or defective if this is the case. The fuses are to be checked and should not be frayed or damaged. Another possibility is that breakers may have been tripped.

    1. Fault Line is On but AC Load Not Working

A shutdown might have occurred due to an overload in the system surpassing the solar inverters surge capacity.

    1. Reverse Polarity Connection on Solar Inverter

The battery connection should be checked to avoid inverter being damaged and needs to be replaced. Always check connections of batteries when they due for replacement.

    1. Improper Disconnection of Loads

This is when the controller is not receiving proper battery voltage The battery connection should be checked. keeping batteries in check should be a way of the routine of maintenance so as to know if they are due for replacement.

  1. Array Fuse Short Circuits

During connection, batteries might have been connected when a short circuit test was performed. For that, batteries should be disconnected in order to perform the test. The rating from the photovoltaic array may have surpassed the rating. So another controller in parallel should be added if there is a need or replace it with a controller that can able to accommodate the rating.


SOLAR PV system performance is hardly affected especially if it is installed on a roof as solar PV panels are rarely affected by wear and tear. Although, solar photovoltaic is expected to last for up to 25 years and more, the inverter that helps to convert the direct current(DC) generated by solar PV panels to alternating current(AC) surely needs replacement after a period of time.

Although solar photovoltaic usually needs minor repair since most places the UK, Australia favors it maintenance due to rainfall that helps the cleaning process of the panels resulting in optimal performance. However, you don’t need to rely on the rain to do the washing since that is not the best way to maintain your solar PV panel after spending a reasonable amount for installation.

On the other hand, for solar PV panels mounted on the ground could accumulate debris, overshadows from trees could affect the performance of the photovoltaic panels. These factors could be avoided by regular inspection and repairs.
When your solar PV system needs an attention for a repair, just the same as when installing solar PV system, seek out a company that is RECC, CEC & MCS accredited expert such as “AARON’s COMPLETE ELECTRICAL” (ACE) company in Sydney Australia for standard installations and repairs.

solar repairs

Solar PV Not Working?

There can be a number of reasons while you assume that your panels are not generating electricity. We can carry out a complete survey of your installed and existing PV with advise on any existing issues you may have. We would remove all panels to test and eliminate the faulty PV. Besides, we also offer you products that can help you save more money with PV.

What should I do if solar PV installer is out of business?

When the initial installer is no longer in business, seek a licensed professional electrician who could do the job. If solar PV warranty is still valid, It is the responsibility of the professional electrician to notify the insurance company without any cost to solar PV owner.

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