Solar Power Repairs in Sydney by a Licensed Electrician

It’s Aaron here from Aaron’s Complete Electrical your local Sydney Electrician. With the Federal Governments solar rebates game there were thousands upon thousands of solar systems installed a few years ago. Now what we’re finding is that being installed for a while and we’re finding that we are starting to get a lot of maintenance calls for repairs to these solar systems. Some of them are product problems with the solar inverters or the isolators and breakers. The electrical components and some of them are dodgy installations from solar installers who were there to make a quick buck with the government’s solar scheme where the government was virtually paying to put these systems on people’s houses. Now we are doing our job in Congress City Council where there is a whole heap of solar inverters that have filed. We have done extensive diagnostics on these solar inverters and found that there’s a few small electrical components which were not designed very well by the manufacturers of the solar inverter. Now these solar inverters are out of warranty and the company didn’t want anything to do with fixing the problem they just tried to sell them – more solar inverters. How we diagnose the problem for Congress Council with these solar inverters and have come up to a solution which will fix their problem once and for all. So if you have a solar system in Sydney that is not doing what you expected to do then please give us a call Aaron from Aaron’s Complete Electrical on 0419693141 and we can come out and get a solution for you so that your solar system is working properly.

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