Solar Panel Cleaning

This involves cleaning the surfaces of your solar panel.
This exercise is done in the following ways


  1. Have solar panels cleaning kits. These include soap, a brush, a wiper and a long handle brush. Just like washing your car!
  2. Mix the water with the soap in a container. Follow the specified amount of liquid soap.
  3. Gently rub the surface of the solar panel with your brush wet with the content of water and soap. Use the handheld brush for smaller solar panels and long handle brush for larger sized solar panels.
  4. Use a wiper to wipe off the surface. This should be done while the solar panel surface is still wet and should be done properly.
  5. To avoid damaging your solar panels, contact professional’s to do the job. Please, you can contact us ”AARON’S COMPLETE ELECTRICAL” (ACE) to schedule an appointment.
  6. Trim off regularly any tree branches that provide shade for the panel surface.


Don’t wash when the panels are hot to avoid the risk of solar panel crack and damage the panels.

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