Simple Solution to Save Money on Your Power Bill

I did a job for Benjamin White. His house was at St. Ives. Previously his electrical bill was around $500 to $600 a month, which is quite high considering the size of his house. Then all of a sudden his power bill jumped up to $1300 for the next quarter and reached $1700 for the next quarter after that. He already asked a few people to inspect his electrical system, but according to him, those people didn’t know what they were talking about.

I did a quick check and found that his pool equipment was actually using 200 watts of electricity every four minutes. If you calculate that, he was spending $15 to $20 dollars worth of electricity for his pool alone. There was an obvious problem with his pool. We found out that his pool has not worked properly for some time already and it needed to be fixed before summer. The pool’s filter is working for eight hours a day to keep it clean. Now, that’s the reason why he’s spending too much on his electric bill.

After checking his pool, I drafted a plan and gave him choices on how he can save on his electricity bill. I told him that he can…

1. turn it off and not use his pool,

2. buy a new pool pump which can be pretty expensive or

3. he can use his off-peat meter which controls his hot water system.  He opted for my third advice which is more economical. His pool will be heated eight hours each night, it is heated at night and automatically turns off in the morning. His pool filter is far away from the house, so noise is not going to be an issue for anyone. So it was quite a good solution.

I was pretty confident that his electric bill will drop from $1700 to $500 or $600 and he still got his pool working. If you get an electrician who knows what he’s doing and can do those simple calculations, there are plenty of ways for you to save on your electric bill.

Ben was really happy with our work. He wrote us  testimonial. It’s quite a good one because he previously asked the help of two other electricians who didn’t know what they were doing and what they were talking about. Benjamin gave us a 5/5 for neatness and cleanliness. A 5/5 for courtesy and professionalism.  He was really happy with the work area condition and the cleanup and gave us another 5/5 for that. And for his overall satisfaction, he gave us a 6/5. He also said this, “ I decided to hire them because I’ve tried two electricians already who failed to deliver what they had promised. Compared to them, Aaron really had a logical and simple approach over the phone. When he arrived, he quickly identified the cause of the problem and gave me a bunch of solutions. It was such a simple process. I definitely recommend Aaron from Aaron’s Complete Electrical as your premier electrician in Sydney”.

So if you have problems with your electric bill, give us a call because we can definitely help you.

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