• Benefits

There are many benefits to mounting your flat screen TV, we will cover the top 6 here.

  1. If you want to show off your new flat screen, then a wall mounted installation is what you need
  2. Mounting your flat screen to the wall will eliminate clutter by hiding all unwanted cords and cables
  3. Save Space
  4. Achieve a Sleek Look – hanging your TV on the wall adds to your rooms décor and overall feel, by hiding the wires
  5. Optimal Viewing Angle
  6. Flat Screens are meant to Mounted

  • No DIY: Unless you have the tools and knowledge


If you want to install your new TV yourself, you need to realise how involved and demanding a wall mount installation can be, as it requires specialist skills and tools that not everyone has access to.

Our electrical technicians are highly trained and carry specialist tools required to safely and efficiently secure your TV.

A few things you need to consider before attempting a DIY wall mounted TV:

  1. You have to ensure your wall is ideal for wall mount installation, which involves measuring the space between the studs
  2. You have to turn off the power in the area you will be working
  3. You have to ensure that the area behind the wall you will cut into is clear
  4. Achieve a Sleek Look – hanging your TV on the wall adds to your rooms décor and overall feel, by hiding the wires
  5. You have to ensure that the new mount is capable of withholding at least four times the weight of the TV
  6. You can only use AV cables for installation, which need to meet fire and building codes
  7. You have to ensure that the source component and the TV are unplugged before connecting AV cables
  8. You cannot route your TV’s power cable through the wall
  9. You must ensure that the TV is mounted at a proper height and in the centre of the wall to match the rooms space
  10. You have to ensure that the walls surface is adequate for the type of fixing to secure the bracket. For example, you CANNNOT use a masonry fixing on a Gyprock wall and a coach bolt on a steel studded wall.

  • Services

We offer a range of services to meet your TV and home theatre needs!

  • TV Wall Mount and Installation Including Speakers and Antennas

We can install your TV anywhere! From indoors, outdoors, off of ceilings, brick, studded walls, poles, Gyprock or anywhere else you need your TV installed. We also mount your TV speakers properly so that you receive the best sound quality imaginable. Antenna installation is also an important step in the TV mounting process to ensure that no pixilation issues. If you have problems with your digital TV reception or cabling problems, our experienced and qualified electrical technicians provide you with expert and professional advice.


  • Custom Installations

We can install your TV and home theatre just the way you want and need it, including multiple screens and setting up equipment in another room.


  • Projector Installations

We offer both commercial and residential installations for data, presentations, signage and movies.


  • Home Theatre

Not only can we install your home theatre systems but we can also design it for you! Installation includes amplifier setup, speaker mounting and cable concealment.


  • Security and Surveillance

We install security cameras, digital video recording systems, general surveillance and remote monitoring.

  • Data Cabling

We can install internet, networking configuration and data points for commercial or residential use.

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