• Video Intercom Benefits and Features

Home video and audio intercom systems are relatively cost efficient and adds loads of security and value to your home. Some benefits of home video and audio systems include:

  • 1) See who is at your front door
  • 2) Screen door knockers
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  • 3) Communicate between various rooms of the house
  • 4) Monitor small children

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  • 5) Use the image memory function to record short videos

  • Types
  • 1) Audio Intercom Units

a) Most cost effective

b) Weakest type of intercom if security protection is your top priority

  • 2) Video and Audio Intercom System

a) Works the best if security protection is your main concern

b) Monitor areas of business and play

c) Can be used to filter expected home visitors form unwanted passer bys without having to open the door, since this type of intercom has a built in microphone, buzzer and camera


  • 3) IP Video Intercom System

a) Stylish touch screen intercom terminals

b) High resolution imagery allows for calls to multiple terminals to be made integrates CCTV, building and security management, home automation, digital telephone and access control systems


  • 4) Wireless Intercoms and Doorbells

a) The most simplest of all types of intercoms

b) Connects over sound waves



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