• The 7 Benefits Of Upgrading Your Power Points And Switches:
  • 1) Convenience – charge your phones and tablets using the USB integrated power points!
  • 2) Improve the look of your home
  • 3) Add value to your home
  • 4) Keep up with technology
  • 5) Functionality – you can install them in your kitchen, bedroom, living room and office
  • 6) USB wall charger power often come with inbuilt surge protection and temperature control. Very energy efficient!
  • 7) Use them anywhere in your home
  • Why Should You Upgrade Your Power Points and Switches:
  • 1) Improve the look of your home
  • 2) Latest technology
  • 3) Colour match your homes decor
  • 4) Improved functionality
  • New USB Power Points

You can use these power points to charge your phone, tablet or other electronic device without needing the original charger! Simply plug it into the wall!



  • Efficient – uses a charging current of 1.2A and less than 0.07W of power while on standby



  • Reliable – this power point includes protection against adverse electrical conditions, meaning it’s protected against power surges



  • Applications – these power points can be inserted into wall plates so they can be mounted alongside switches and dimmers




  • Benefits of the New USB Power Points
  • 1) Supply frequency nominal and 230V AC
  • 2) Output current of 1.2A
  • 3) Supply frequency of 50Hz
  • 4) Surge and over-temperature protection
  • 5) Cable compensation for optimal charging
  • 6) Meets Australian charging standards
  • 7) Meets Australian safety standards
  • 8) Available In many colours!
  • Help!! I Have A Faulty Power Point!
  • 1) A power point is sparking – if your power point sparks when there is not a heavy load inserted into the outlet, then this indicates a problem. It could mean you have low quality, dodgy outlet, which needs to be replaced ASAP. Or this could mean you have faulty wiring in your home or your appliance. We recommend to not use that outlet before an electrician comes out to Investigate.



  • 2) A single power point is not working – if only one power point isn’t working and all the rest are, then this indicates that the individual point is faulty. However, to double check it is the power point, go around your home testing each power point with a small appliance, like a hairdryer, to ensure that it is the outlet that is not working



  • 3) The power switch is dodgy – depending on the frequency you use your power points, most have a specific life span. If the switch turns dodgy, then it means it needs to be replaced. It’s not huge danger but we recommend getting it fixed to prevent further damage.



  • 4) Cracked power points – this indicates a huge danger! We recommend call an electrician immediately to get them replaced ASAP. Definitely do not use it!



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