Older homes hold a certain level of charm and character; however they post a safety risk if the wiring is old and damaged.

Simple Checks to do to tell if there any dangers to your family in the home.
1. Safety Switches Test Ok
2. Working Smoke Alarms
3. Covered by insurance

Fire & Safety Risk

Old faulty wiring is the most common causes of electrical house fires. It’s important to keep your wiring up to date, as it plays a very important role in delivering power to your appliances.

Your wiring and power circuits will, over time, need to replaced – this is bacause the demand we place on it and the life expectancy of safe use.

Unfortunately, many old homes still use the original wiring and although they may still function – it can lead to a very serious risk of dangerous fire hazards.

This is because the old way wiring was not installed to cope with the modern day demands and latest appliances.

The Modern Home

modern home In order to keep up with our modern demand energy consumption, It’s important that we update our wiring system. The modern home needs more power to maintain all the home appliances that are being used, It’s highly recommended that you get your home inspected to make sure that your energy used needs are being met. This is why rewiring your home is the right move – so that you’re wiring system can keep up with modern times and also to prevent any potential risks that could arise.

Insurance Claims insurance

It’s important to think about the financial liability you will be putting yourselves though. Your insurance may not cover electrical fires – caused by a faulty wiring system. Some insurance company’s only cover you if wiring is less than 30 years old!

Taking the Next Steps

Rewiring your home is one of the many ways that you can make improvements to your home, especially it’s on an older home with the original wiring. The new wiring will mean that you will be able to provide safety for your family, but also the function of keeping up to your modern electrical needs. Here is a breakdown of the process:

1. Get a Safety Check

That’s why it’s very important to book in a Safe and Sound Wiring Inspection with ACE, or your electrician, and we will tell you where to go from there. We will help you alleviate any concerns you have with the wiring and ensure that you and your family are living in c comportable and safe home.

2. Hiring the electrician

Compare and choose a professional electrician. Ensuring they are licensed and insured. They will be able to provide you with a simple solution.

3. Get the work done if you need a rewire
This means is that you will need a partial or complete replacement of your switchboard.

4. Relax and enjoy your hassle free electrical system for the next 30 years.

Types of wiring that need to be regulary checked:

Arcing, melting wires and loose connections can potentially start a fire in your house; this is because the old wiring and insulation. The most common cause of needing wire is finding Cloth Insulated wiring or Vulcanised rubber wiring. The easiest way to tell is to go to your switchboard and look for either black cabling or split steel conduit.


Black coloured rubber Wiring


Cloth Wiring in split steel conduit

Find the wiring in your home or have any concerns about your wiring. No need to Worry Just Book your Free Safe n Sound Wiring Inspection and ACE will detail the faults and provide you with the solutions.

This may seem like a big task, but the benefits outweigh the risk – you’ll never want to have to worry about electrical fires and you can have the peace in mind that you will live in safer home. New wiring will give you hassle free electrical system for at least 30 years!

Fortunately, you’re given the opportunity to discuss any other type of wiring or electrical needs with electrician. We can advice you as to the best possible place of putting new power points, or where to install a sensor light – with maximum efficiency.

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