• There are three simple steps, in recognising if you need to upgrade your switchboard:
  • 1) Fitted fuses – if the fuses on your switchboard are fitted, you will definitely need a switchboard upgrade.
  • 2) Small switchboard – if you don’t have enough room to install dedicated circuits (for example, air conditioner, spa, etc.) in your switchboard, we highly recommend that you upgrade yourswitchboard.
  • 3) No safety switches on all of your light and power circtuis

Your mains cables will run from your switchboard to the point of entry of your home.

The incoming mains are the cables that run from the point of entry to your house to the switchboard.

The mains cable that was used in the old houses was 6mm and rated at 40amps. This was enough for a few lights, a couple of power points and a stove.

Whereas modern houses have many appliances and devices running at the same time and need more power to sustain it. That mains cable nowadays are 16-25mm, and is rated from 60-80 amps.

  • There are three simple steps, in recognising if you need to upgrade your incoming mains cable:
  • 1) Old Switchboard – if your old switchboard still has the rewireable fusesupgrade.
  • 2) Low amps – you only have 40 amps for your main switch
  • 3) Old meter box – if your old meter box is too small

The cost of upgrading your consumer mains will depend on the distance between the point of entry and the switchboard, however are irrelevant when you consider the safety of your family and your family home.
We are finding that our clients want to increase their electricity output, because of the increasing demand of modern technology. The older style homes were not made for our modern needs and don’t accommodate for our technological use. As a result, a mains upgrade will be needed to cope with you and your family’s demand.

There is a risk of causing a fire hazard to your family home. What can happen is that that your current mains cable have reached it capacity, in conjunction with the switchboard, and this can cause the mains cable to overheat.

It’s very common for our client to want to increase their electrical power usage, to accommodate for their electrical needs
The image below shows an older home (possibly around 1960’s) with their mains box on the front of the house. This is common in these styles of houses and we assist many of our clients by doing a mains upgrade.
What happens next is that we will change it so that we can fit a larger cable, this is to provide more amps to your family home.


  • Why do I need my mains power upgraded?

You will be provided with a consistent and reliable power source by getting your mains power upgraded, without having to worry about your appliances short-circuiting. The most common reason of why you would want this done is because you’ve simply outgrown your old mains power and you’re looking to install a ducted air conditioning system or you want to install audio visual equipment, a pool, spa, induction cook top or bigger stove.

  • Do you need a Switchboard Upgrade?

Upgrading your switchboard will give you peace of mind, knowing that you have taken a step to safeguard your family from any risks. But will not be enough!
You’ll need to upgrade your mains cable – this will go hand in hand with your new switchboard.





  • NOTE: This is only a guide, to receive a complete and thorough recommendation, please call ACE on 1300 796 500. We will provide you with an inspection
  • Know the Dangers of Under Capacity wiring and the catastrophic failure it can cause

Your mains cable in an integral part of your electrical system

The black VIR insulation in crumbling around the consumer mains cable. This may not look like much, but this is a serious issue – especially if you want to protect the safety of your home and your family

This image shows an old and outdated switchboard with cotton power and lighting cables connected to the consumer mains cable. If any electrical company were to come and inspect your switchboard and found this – you will definitely receive a defect notice.

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