To use this guide we will assume you have some kind of mould issue and a subfloor area.

1) Grab a torch


2) Find the access hatch to your subfloor area


3) Don’t worry we don’t even need to go in! Open the door and have a wiff.
And a good look around


Signs of Poor Sub-Floor Ventilation

  • There is an unpleasant musty/damp smell.
  • When there is a build up of soil or when there is evidence of vegetation/grass growing ‘inside’ the wall.
  • The walls have any visible mould/mildew/fungi.
  • Any moisture or dampness on the ground under the house it should be bone dry.
  • Excessive moisture in the subfloor area can cause your floorboards to lift/split.
  • There is any visible condensation.

If you have any of these issues then it is most likely the cause of your problem.

Want the problem solved for good?

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