thumbSolar installer has gone bankrupt and there is no one to help with your warranty claim. We can help…

Most Solar electricians just want to replace your system because they are geared up to do installation work. BUT… what if your system can be repaired for a fraction of the cost of replacing?

thumbCurrently we are repairing about 6 systems a week out of those 6… Most people assume the inverter is the problem but this is not the most common fault!

  • 50% of the time it is an external fault somewhere else in the system causing an error message or a blank screen on the inverter. These faults can be repaired on the spot.
  • 15% of the time we need to replace faulty parts to your system.
  • 15% of the time it’s the inverter and it is good value to repair.
  • The other 15% the inverter has failed and is not economical to repair
  • 5% is an unusual or multiple problems that we find and advice you on the best course of action to take.

Has Your DC Inverter been Recalled? Or is It a Fire Hazard?
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Avenco & NHE Isolators recalled!!!


Even if you don’t see these isolators next to your inverter, there is a strong chance that there may be one on your rooftop.

Also, all circuit breaker style isolators have the potential to cause fires. These type of isolators have not been recalled. No one uses them anymore because of their danger. See pics of fire caused by these isolators.

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The Advance Isolator
is a rotary type, and has a red switch with a yellow background around the switch.


The NHP Isolators
are either a poly or metal white colored box with a large rotary black switch on the front panel. The NHP DC Isolators have their logo on the front, either in raised or black lettering. The NHP DC Isolators also have the wording “PV ARRAY DC ISOLATOR” written on the front panel.

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