• The 3 Critical things to consider when choosing a pond pump
  • 1) Calculate the volume of water in you pond
  • 2) How high do you want to pump the water
  • 3) What do you want the pump to do?
  • What does head height mean?


Head height is the maximum height to which a pump can push water, at this height the pump will only produce a trickle.

  • Other factors to consider are:
  • Static Head – this is measured from the water line to highest point that water travels in the line.
  • Friction Head – this is the loss due to friction from water travelling under pressure in hose sizes, type of materials, fittings.
  • Pressure Head – filters, spray nozzles and fountains.
  • How do I choose the correct pond pump, for me?

There are many different things to consider when you’re selecting a pond pump. If you choose the wrong pump, you’ll be working it too hard – it’ll wear out very quickly.


  • When selecting a pond pump, be sure to consider:
  • Litres per hour (LPH) of each pond pump. You want all of the water in your pond to flow thru the pump at least once per hour ideally twice! Ie if you have a 1000l pond get a pump that has a flow rate of 1000-2000lph
  • The head height
  • Type of pond filter
  • Manufacturer’s warranty
  • Power consumption
  • What are the types of pumps?

There are two different types of pumps that you can use; submersible and external. As a general rule, ponds with less than 8000 litres of water use a submersible pump and larger ponds can use an external pump.

  • What are the different styles of pumps?
  • Architectural water feature pumps are designed to recirculate the water in your pond. These pumps can direct water down a feature wall or a sheet of glass.
  • Dirty water pumps are typically used for features or waterfalls. It’s low maintenance and economical to run.
  • Filter pumps are designed to filter watercourses and waterfalls to promote clean and healthy water. It maintains a natural ecosystem in your pond and run 24/7
  • Fountain pumps are designed for garden ponds and they should be mounted off the bottom of the pond.


  • Do pond pumps need to run continuously?

The pond will be healthier and won’t develop unpleasant odours or algae, if you run the pump continuously. It will also aerate the pond water, which will help maintain a crystal clear complexion.

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