There is nothing quite like outdoor entertaining. Especially in the warmer months in Sydney. But what do you do when it’s the middle of winter and you have a home event coming up? Or you simply just feel like entertaining? Certainly no one wants to sit outside in the crisp, cold air…

Don’t stress! There is always a solution. Installing an electric patio heater is a quick, easy and relatively cheap heating solution to your entertaining woes.

Most of the heaters you can buy now are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Heat strips are a stylish and efficient option that is ideal for undercover outdoor areas, such as alfresco dining, patios, verandah’s, courtyards and balconies. These heat strips are more efficient when these areas are somewhat enclosed.


Features of Thermofilm Heating Strips:


  • High electric radiant heating output that can withstand tough outdoor conditions
  • For both residential and commercial use
  • Cost efficient compared to traditional gas patio heaters
  • Corrosion resistant – dependant on the brand and type of heating strip you buy
  • Controlling options available
  • Mounting options available

But How Does it Work?

An electric heating element and an alloy surface produces radiant warmth from above. This heat is produced evenly and directly to individuals and surfaces below. This is directly contrasted to traditional gas heaters that heat the air around it and results in very high heats close to the source, which can also be a danger to individuals around it.

Benefits of Thermofilm Heating Strips:

  • Minimalist in design unlike traditional gas heaters. You can make a feature out of your heat strip!
  • Lower running costs compared to gas heaters
  • Produces an even, comfortable and efficient radiant heat unlike traditional gas heaters
  • Very little maintenance required!
  • Incredibly easy to use, with a simple controlling system
  • Australian made!

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