• Improve Your Home With Lighting: The How To Guide

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Lighting installation involved manipulating electrical systems, meaning this type of installation must be completed by a qualified and experienced electrician. This will ensure that the installation is performed correctly, safely and will last a long time.

  • Types of lighting that we frequently install include:
    • Down lights
    • Up lights
    • Wall lights
    • Ceiling lights
    • Chandeliers
    • Pendants
  • Fan light combination
  • Exhaust light combination
  • Sensor lighting
  • Flood lighting
  • Garden lighting
  • Dimmers
  • Security lighting
  • Emergency and exit lighting

ll of these types of lighting can be installed with different bulbs. Including halogens, LED’s or fluorescents. We will advise you on the design, set up and installation of your lighting preferences, and inform you on the type of bulb you should install as well as how to maintain your light.

  • Why Choose Us?

At ACE, we are qualified, experienced, friendly and trustworthy electricians who are experts in lighting installations. We have been providing these services for over 15 years and aim to fulfil all of your lighting needs.

  • Plan For Your Lighting

Whether you are planning an entire home renovation or simply want to add a few lights here and there, you need to plan. This type of work should not be done last minute, nor without any planning. You can achieve bigger and better results that exceed your expectations if you plan for what you want and inform your electrician of your needs. If you’re ever unsure of what you want to install, we will provide you with expert and friendly advise so you end up with what you want.

  • Design your Lighting

As there are so many different types, functions, fittings and technologies available in the market, choosing your lights can be quite daunting. So how do you choose?

  • 1) Choose the function of your lighting. Is it for mood or for functionality and brightness?
  • 2) Choose the location of your lighting
  • 3) Consider your existing decor
  • 4) Choose a style – pendant, chandelier, sconce, down light…
  • 5) Consider factors of energy efficiency, maintenance, safety, security and appearance
  • 6) HIRE A PROFESSIONAL. This will save you time and worries. Plus, you know the work will be carried out in a safe manner.


  • Custom Lighting

If you have an idea about a feature you would like to create using different types of lighting,then we can help you achievethis idea and make it reality.Our electricians are very experienced in this field and would love to chat with you and get crative.

  • The How To Guide
  • 1) What Mood Do You Want To Create?
  • Functionality, practicality or mood and aesthetics?
  • You have a huge range of the type of lighting you can use and as such, create different moods in your home
  • Try creating a warm and welcoming feel in your entry and living room.
  • A soft and subtle feel in your bedroom
  • A practical and functional feel in your kitchen and bathrooms
  • 2) Artwork
  • You can use LED lights to showcase your artwork
  • You can angle and direct your lighting to point respectfully at your impressive artwork
  • You can install this lighting at the top of your artwork or even on the side for a dramatic feel
  • 3) Dimmable Ligths
  • Installing dimmers are a great idea for a quick and easy way to control intensity.
  • This is a great idea for lights used at night time where you don’t require much illumination


  • 4) Curb Appeal
  • We have a whole range of outdoor and garden lighting that can quickly and efficiently increase the curb appeal of your home
  • You can instantly increase the value of your property by installing a few clever lighting choices

At ACE, we completely comply with current Australian legislation and recommendations of the installation of your lighting. We can discuss with you issues around energy consumption, security, durability and maintenance of your lights. We are aware of a huge range of lights that vary in function, style, size and efficiency, and aim to provide you with a lighting option that satisfies your needs. All of our electrical work complies with current Australian legislation and we provide you with documentation regarding the safety of your lights if necessary.
In your lighting endeavours, you can choose from a whole range of colours, styles, finishes and features. With us, you know the installation process will be a breeze because you have a whole team of experienced and qualified electricians.

  • 5 Things Lighting Can Improve For You:
  • 1) Security and peace of mind
  • 2) Energy efficiency
  • 3) Money savings!
  • 4) Lifestyle and convenience
  • 5) Your home’s mood, feeling and features
  • Wait, Watt?

Watt = the amount of power a bulb uses to emit the light.
Lumen = a unit used to measure the light output of a bulb
Lighting And Brightness:

  • Domestic bulbs typically range from 60 to 100 watts
  • 60 watts emits enough light for reading
  • 100 watts emits enough light for study and cooking in the kitchen
  • Components of Brightness:

Lumen output – the colour emitted from the bulb
Distribution – how the light is spread
Cumulative light

  • Fluorescent Lights:
  • Very bright
  • 50% of its energy is wasted
  • LED Lights:
  • Very efficient, 95% more efficient than fluorescent lighting
  • Uses lumens rather than watts


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