• There are no exceptions all Chandeliers must be installed by a licensed electrician otherwise your insurance could be voided if there was ever a problem.
• If your chandelier is hung in the dining room, make sure to position it directly over the middle of the table. The latest fashion is to hang them approximately 75-85cm above the table (based on your standard 2.4m ceiling height) If your worried about obstructing the view when standing then I recommend hanging 2m above the floor. If your chandelier is going against a wall as a feature try to pick the height that will create the best effect. An example is if its next to a bed very low looks good at just 1m above the floor.
• For chandeliers where the globes are exposed, its best to choose a low wattage one from the feature range of globes. Like fancy round, candle, vintage or heritage.
• Use clear globes instead of frosted. This ensures maximum coloured light refraction through the crystal. Also, in French-style chandeliers, clear globes create the effect that the chandelier is holding candles.

• Ensure you choose dimmable globes.

• Think about how you are going to change the globes… do you need a remote controlled winch to raise and lower the chandelier to make cleaning and changing globes easier
• Consider a Clipsal dimmer to alter the mood and save a bit of energy.

3 critical things you and your electrician should carefully consider when Installing a chandelier in Sydney homes.

1) What Height should I hang it to create the best effect.
2) Do I need extra support to hold its weight?


3) How am I going to change the globes when it needs maintenance.


What chandelier should I choose and where should I hang it?

Choosing a chandelier and deciding where to hang it must be thought of together. You can’t think about one without considering the other. Taking cues from your home’s natural features and architecture will help you decide which style & where to hang a chandelier. Room size, shape, and style all need to be considered. What the chandelier is going to be hanging over, will also help determine most suitable size, shape, and placement.

Does my chandelier need extra support?


Your standard gyprock fixing can support around 2-3kg of weight. If your light weighs more than that, you’ll need extra support like a timber batten or bigger dynabolts if they are installed on concrete. This is a critical step to get right so your brand new chandelier doesn’t come smashing down on you in the middle of dinner.

3 things to think about before you buy your chandelier


With the money they cost A chandelier must be a stunning focal point in your room. It pays to take the time to think really carefully about your decision.

1) Use common sense when thinking about the right size of your chandelier

A small room with standard 2.4m ceilings will quickly look cramped if an enormous fixture is installed on the ceiling. Having a simple small pendant style chandelier installed would work well. Conversely, in a large room with high ceilings, a small chandelier simply world not do the room justice. A Grand room deserves a massive multi-tier chandelier that could warm up the room and provide a real focal point.

2) Deciding on the style of chandelier

There are so many different designs to choose from on the market, it’s easy to be blinded by choice. Before going shopping, research the internet and screenshot pics of chandiliers that you like. Take a few photos of the room. Think about the space, décor and mood you want to create in the room. Jot down a few words to best describe your taste and what type of impact you want the chandelier to have on the room. Just going through these simple steps will help you be comfortable with your choice.

3) How bright should your chandelier be?

This will depend on the room and what you are trying to create. Brighten up a dark hallway with a bright, multi-tiered and multi-bulbed fitting. Similarly, Staircases can be transformed into a grand feature if you choose a suitable fitting. Just remember to think about how you will change the bulbs here.

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