• The Top 4 Benefits of Heated Towel Rails


  • Benefits

Heated towel rails were previously only seen in hotel bathrooms. However, heated towel rails today come in all shapes and sizes, from single bar rails to a multiple rail system. Heated towel rails have now taken their rightful place in household bathrooms and have the following benefits:


  1. Extremely energy efficient
  2. Can be installed on a timer to lower the hours the rail is run each day and to ensure your towel is always ready and warm for your use
  3. Can be installed via plug in or hard wired into your existing power
  4. Can contribute towards keeping your bathroom dry and warm

  • Types of Heated Towel Rails
  • A. Hard Wired
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  • Looks better
  • Electrician required to install can put on/off switch at light switch position with an indicator led to tell you if on or off
  • Set and forget
  • B. Plug In
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  • Easier to DIY
  • Does not look as good as hard wired
  1. Hydronic Ladder – Hydronic ladders heat the entire ladder and as such, take longer to reach full temperature. However, they are thermostatically controlled and will try to maintain their set temperature even when not in use.
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  3. Dry Element Ladder – Dry Element Ladders are typically quicker to heat than Hydonric Ladders. This unit only reaches optimal heat when covered by a towel and thus, using less energy.
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  5. Dry Element Rails – Similar to the Ladder, Dry Element Rails only reach optimal temperature when covered by a towel. Additionally, the Dry Element Rails have no vertical rails to heat and thus, offers significant energy saving.
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  7. Hybrid Ladder – Flat rails provide a larger heated surface area and only reach optimal temperature when covered by a towel. The Hybrid Ladder only heats horizontal rails, offering significant energy saving.
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