thumb1) Unplug all of your applainces and turn all light switches off

thumb2) Turn off all circuit breakers protected by tripping safety switch

thumb3) Turn safety switch back on, followed by circuit breakers, then appliances.
Keep an eye on when it trips as the is the cause of the problem.

Have a look at the Clipsal RCD residual fault finding guide below…
it is a handy flow chart showing step by step how to rest your safety switch or rcd when its tripping.



Nuisance tripping or intermittent tripping is usually caused by an intermittent fault caused by one of your appliances. They can be very difficult to find and we need to use a process of elinimation.

thumbWhat you need to do is to physically unplug every appliance in your whole house and only plug in the appliances that you’re using – as you’re using them, whether that’s the kettle / toaster / dishwasher. Tvs and computers are rarely the cause of these problems usually its appliances that get hot or cold. Keep Them unplugged when you’re not using them. Turning it off at the wall is not enough.

PRINT OFF AND FILL OUT THE INTERMITTANT FAULT FINDING GUIDE ON Below. When you have a safety switch trip, write down the date and time it occurred. Then you tick all of the appliances that are plugged in. Then you put a circle next to the tick of all the appliances that were plugged in and on at the time of the trip.

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