• Does your electricity bill seem too high?
  1. Wear the correct clothing – dress for the current temperature!
  2. Shut doors and close curtains
  3. Set your thermostat
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  5. Turn off heating and cooling systems when you don’t need them
  6. Wash clothes on a cold cycle
  7. Run an efficient fridge
  8. Insulate your roof
  9. Stop standby power waste
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  11. Save energy in the kitchen – thaw frozen foods without a microwave
  12. Use energy efficient light globes


  • Tips to Save Energy Around the House

Family Room

  • Switch off appliances at the wall
  • Use a power board
  • Use lamps
  • Use energy saving globes
  • Turn off lights when you don’t need them


The Kitchen

  • Use a microwave instead of an oven
  • Use an electric kettle to boil water
  • Use the economy cycle for your dishwasher

The Laundry

  • Wash clothes on a full cycle and use cold water
  • Use the clothes line instead of a dryer


  • Use timers and sensor lights
  • Use solar power


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