• 1) Research Research Research


You need to figure out how much you are willing to spend on your automation system and spend many hours researching all the different types and features home automation can offer you. You need to research only the areas of interest and get all the information and feedback you can regarding setting up your home automation.

  • 2) Start a Priority List – Think BIG, Start SMALL


As you research automation systems, you need to write down what areas you are interested in and devise a priority list – basically, you need to decide what you want most out of your automation system. Don’t forget you can always ADD to your system if you want it to grow and expand over more areas of concern. It’s best to start small and get to know your system before adding in other features and areas of interest.

  • 3) Start a Priority List – Think BIG, Start SMALL


Once you have finalised your priority list, you need to find a reputable and reliable competent person to install and set up your system. ACE offers experienced and qualified technicians that can offer you helpful advice about design and set up of your system and offer friendly service while we install your home automation system!

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