• ACE offers installations of all brands of video and audio intercoms to offer increased security and convenience for you. However, intercom features vary considerably, so how do you know which features and models are best for you?
  • 1) How many stations or rooms do you require to have an intercom?

a) If you only require one station, then you can always go for the simpler intercom systems

  • 2) Keep in mind that if you want to expand in the future, you will need to choose a model that has upgradeable features
  • 3) If you choose a video intercom, decide if you want a panoramic camera to scan the entry of your home before door and gate unlocking features are used
  • 4) What communication method are you after?

a) Hands free systems or communication between rooms are options available to you

  • 5) Do you want to access the screen from your phone or tablet?

a) The choose an intercom that has IP features

b) You can link your doorbell to your mobile phone through your wifi, so if your doorbell rings, so does your mobile!

  • 6) How do you want your intercom to be mounted?

a) Flush mounted or wall mounted styles are available

b) Flush mounted units are more expensive than wall mounted styles


  • Best Camera Locations

To select the best location for your camera and intercom station, you need to have the perspective of a potential intruder and decide where the most vulnerable points of entry to your home are.

  • Points of entry and exit are obvious, such as a gate, pathway or door. Therefore, this is where your first intercom camera should be mounted, but the camera needs to completely visible. A normal intercom camera will have the view width of a usual door, so keep in mind that objects within this width will obstruct the camera’s view
  • Also consider that if a camera is mounted pointing towards a door, when the door opens there may be a shift in lighting and this can cause a black out visual image
  • If security protection is your main priority, then aim to point cameras at windows and doors


  • How to Repair
  • 1) Check Your Manual

a) Moat manuals come with a troubleshooting section

b) Follow the steps given to ascertain what the problem is

  • 2) Check the Power

a) Ensure that the power indicator on your intercom is lit

b) If not, check that the intercom is receiving power

c) Check the manual for specifications of the power adapter

  • 3) Eliminate the Hum

a) If there is a humming sound coming from your intercom then this means that some electrical mechanisms are interfering with it

b) The most common mechanisms are fluorescent light switches and dimmers

  • 4) Stop Feedback

a) If you are hearing feedback, this means that the microphone is too close to the speakers

b) To fix this, lower the volume or relocate the speakers and microphone


If you’re mounting your camera or intercom system outside, you need to ensure that you use the correct wiring suitable for the outdoors

  • Seal your outdoor stations to prevent bugs and water entering your system
  • You can always choose the wireless option


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