• Need Your Hot Water System Repaired Today?
  • Up front fixed prices – all of our costs at ACE are upfront, transparent and well-known before we start the job
  • Experienced and professional technicians – here at ACE we have highly qualified, friendly and professional technicians that have extensive experience dealing with hot water system repairs and installation
  • High quality products – ACE entirely uses high quality fixtures and products, which boast durability and efficiency
  • Guaranteed for life– at ACE, our technicians are commended for their workmanship, which is why we can guarantee 19the quality of our repairs for a lifetime

  • Do You Have a Leaking or Dangerous Hot Water System?

Follow These Steps to Ensure Yours and Your Family’s Safety:

  • 1) Isolate the gas or electricity supply to the tank – do this by shutting off the gas valve, if gas, or turning off the hot water circuit breaker at the fuse box, if electric.


  • 2) Turn off the water supply – do this by turning the handle on the water valve clockwise until water stops flowing.


  • 3) Release the pressure – open a hot water tap in the house or pull the relief valve. If water still flows, then shut off the water main.


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