Are you sick of stumbling around paths and drive ways to navigate your way to the front door? You should try garden lighting. A good garden can be lit in many different ways to create mood and accentuate function.


Sydney’s famous climates and outdoor culture mean that functional and decorative lighting can be used to enhance your home and outdoor spaces. A proper lighting design can help to create the mood you want for the space.


Outdoor lighting is a great opportunity to experiment and be creative. Garden lighting allows you to extend the flow of your home to your outdoor areas and give the feel that your home is larger than what it actually is. When the sun sets, outdoor lighting can create its own dramatic effects by accentuating features, such as ponds, statues, sculptures, garden beds and trees.


4 simple steps to perfectly plan your garden lighting

  • Step 1 – Safety


The most important aspect of landscape lighting is safety, as without it, you increase your chances for accidents if pathways and driveways are not illuminated and visible. On walkways, try using lights along one edge to add safety, security and visibility for walking.

  • Step 2 – Highlighting Features

Use accent lighting to highlight a tree, water feature or fixtures mounted above the ground to create a spotlight effect. For a tree, try using spot lighting from above or below the tree to accentuate its features. For other features, try using lighting to create a focal point, such as a spot light.


  • Step 3 – Switching, Timers and Automatic Sensors
  • These options are useful for temporarily lighting up an area more substantially when something passes by the sensor. Additionally, sensor lights are useful for extra security. A dusk/dawn sensor detects the lights level and automatically turns on the garden light when it gets low. Timers are effective for when people in the house forget to turn off the lights.
  • Step 4 – Leave Room to Grow
  • It is essential that you keep in mind that your garden is living and will grow for the years to come, and as such, you need to plan for this growing when designing your garden light set up.

Benefits and tips for your outdoor Lighting

  • Security and safety – adequate exterior lighting illuminates your backyard to deter thieves and reduce the risk of accidents
  • Welcoming – direct and welcome visitors by lighting up pathways and steps
  • Outdoor entertaining – create an impressive entertaining space with feature lighting in different areas
  • Design a feature – use flood lighting to highlight your house or impressive trees
  • Lighting for beauty – lighting creates visually pleasing front and back yards whilst increasing curb appeal
  • Increased property value – use landscape lighting to increase the worth of your property


Your garden is often used as a place to relax, play and entertain your guests. However, without proper lighting you can’t use it at night and your backyard becomes dull. Improve your backyard by using the following types of lighting:

  • Feature lighting:
  • Used to create a mood
  • Highlighting a beautiful tree or a beautiful bunch of flowers and plants
  • Gives your garden depth at night – so that it gives the illusion of a bigger yard
  • TIP: Up lighting your plants also gives it depth in night.
  • Functional lights:
  • Lighting up paths/step lights so you don’t trip
  • Creating light in functional areas –eg: above the BBQ or outdoor kitchen

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