• 3 Flood Lighting Trade Secrets You Never Knew
  1. Choose the right light fitting and bulb for the space
  2. Higher is better for more coverage
  3. Plan to do the job once and done right

  • Flood Lighting
  • Flood lights provide bright and functional lights for users without spending large amounts of money on numerous lights
  • Flood lights are a practical solution if you and your family want to extend the amount of time spent in your outdoor areas, or if you want to deter intruders or animals from your home
  • LED lights are the best choice for most flood light installations, as they provide the brightest and most energy efficient light
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  • Things to Consider Before Buying Flood Lights
  • 1) Location

a) Light should be positioned so it shines brightly on the target

b) The bulb should be pointing downward

c) Light should be mounted at least 2.5m from the ground to prevent tampering


  • 2) Finishes

a) Use stainless steel finishes if you live along the coast

b) Try to match the light with the colour and style of the house

  • 3) Motion Sensors

a) Use these sensors instead of traditional switches

b) These sensors act in conjunction with infrared and heat waves so they only turn on at night when someone walks in front of sensor

c) These sensors pick up people and object from 15 meters away


  • 4) Dusk to Dawn Lights

a) These types of lights automatically turn on when the sun begins to set and turn off when the sun rises

  • 5) Energy Efficiency

a) Led bulbs are the most efficient consider the use of timers or sensors to reduce the number of hours your flood


  • Outdoor Lighting

Australia’s attractive climate allows us to spend lots of time outside, which means we can often be restricted by poor lighting. Flood lighting is the best for an easy and affordable lighting option.

Outdoor Lighting Reminders:

  • LED flood lighting is the most energy efficient light for outdoor lighting
  • Choose a light that dissipates heat well
  • Choose a highly durable light and bulb so it lasts a long period of time and used in any season


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