Now that you know why a ceiling fan is a good choice for your home, choosing the right fan for your home is what you need to tackle. You need to identify your price comfort and budget. Ceiling fans range from the basic $50 up to the luxurious $3,000 or up. Find out how much you’re willing to shell out for your ceiling fan. This is how far you can go on your purchase. Generally the quieter and better quality motors the higher the cost.

1) Size of room dictates size of the fan


– Up to 2.4m needs blades low profile to cieling
– Over 3m needs extension rod


thumb– Slope less than 20 degrees std fan ok over 20 degrees needs extension rod and suitable canopy

– Gyprock Ceiling may need an extra timber support

– Plaster ceiling rose or in a unit where gyprock is suspended from concrete roof above a special t-hook suspension support is required

2) Remote or hard wired

thumb– Hard wired costs more in labour but you do not need to buy a remote control kit. Works out slightly more expensive initial costs. Main benefit is Hard wired requires no maintenance. Simply set up and forget because it just works. This is best to do if you can.

thumb– Remote controls costs more in parts but less labour so cheaper upfront costs. Remotes can be convenient if you want to turn off the fan without getting out of bed. But what if you loose the remote? Also remotes get interference from other appliances or your neighbours may have a remote on the same channel. Remotes have a short warranty and can fail this = more maintenance problems and more cost down the track. Batteries need changing to make them work. We recommend Only use if you have no choice due to installation conditions.

– Combo have the best of both hard wire your light and have the fan run off the remote. Only possible if the is a hard active wire at your current light and we make use of the existing light switch. This is the best of both worlds but electrically it is not always possible.


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