• 1. What Area Will You Be Installing Your Heat Strip?
  • Outdoor alfresco and entertaining areas
  • Patios, verandah’s and outdoor kitchen
  • Courtyards and balconies
  • Garages and sheds
  • Commercial areas such as cafes, pubs, restaurants and showrooms

The thing to remember is that these heat strips MUST be out of the weather. Meaning it is too risky to install them under a fixed or portable umbrella.


  • 2. What Design Heat Strip Do You Need?

Thermofilm heat strip models range from 1500W to 3200W. The different designs means that you can choose one that best fits your outdoor heating needs. If you have a larger space, then installing a 3200W design, or multiple 1500W designs, is probably the way to go.



  • 3. What Controlling System Do You Need?

It is possible to install your heat strip with a simple On/Off controlling system. However, we always recommend installing a timer controller as well. This allows you to set and forget. You don’t have to worry about accidentally keeping your heater on all night!

Thermofilm recommend the TT-MTM controller, which includes a timer and temperature control as well as a remote control.


  • 4. The Heat Strip Selection Guide Specifics:
  • Mounting Height – 2.1m to 2.7m. Maximum 3m is protected outdoor areas.
  • Mounting Options:
  • image

  • Table Layout:
  • image

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