Local Hornsby Electrician Called Out To Fix Lights, Prevents A Fire At A Hornsby House


Okay, an ace electrical blog post, we will call this one LOCAL HORNSBY ELECTRICIAN called out to fix lights, prevents a fire at a Hornsby house. A lady named Kelly from Hornsby rang me up the other day and told me that one of her down lights was continually blowing globes and she just had enough of it, her house was quite new and she is the only one having this problem. She called me up and I was able to come up quite quick. She said she had tried a number of other Sydney electricians and none of them were able to help her with her little problem and she was very happy when I set up a time within a couple of days. We had a look at the down lights, there was actually a couple of them, we fixed the first one quite quickly, when I pulled the second one down straight away I noticed I could smell a burning smell as soon as I get close to it. And what had actually happened when the house was built, the airconditioners and the electrician, well the Sydney electrician that did the job and the airconditioners didn’t talk to each other and an airconditioning duct went right over the top of the down lights. The airconditioning duct was all melted and damaged and it was very lucky that a fire didn’t start because the airconditioning duct was like this touching against this down light. I had identified the problem quite quickly and I recommended the simplest things to do, honestly we cant move the airconditioning duct because it was installed between the first and the second storey but it was quite easy to move the down light over by about two hundred meter and just totally eliminate the problem. I was still able to take all the down lights lined up in a row and then I cut a hole in the ceiling and I fixed the airconditioning duct so the air going to that outlet can make it all the way through. I patched the hole and she was very happy with the job. She got me to go and have a look at her mom’s house which was right next door. I found a problem with her laundry light switch which was very easy to fix and I fixed that same time so she didn’t have to pay two call outs. Kelly was super impress with the service she wrote a testimonial and Ill read it out to you now: I used Aaron, because he was the only electrician that I can get to come out very quickly, obviously , I used Aaron because he was able to come out very quickly, he was able to respond very quickly and compared to other tradesman, he was neat, clean, professional, informative and I would definitely recommend Aaron to all my family and friends. She rated us as excellent for neatness and cleanliness, excellent for courtesy and professionalism, she rated us as excellent, a five out of five for work area condition and clean up, overall satisfaction was a five out of five. So, if you would want to have an electrician that you are totally satisfied and with 100% of time in any suburb of Sydney, please call your local Sydney electrician Aaron’s Complete Electrical at 1-300-796-500. Thank you.

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