KLNE Sunteams Series 1500, 200, 3000, 4000 and 5000 Solar Inverter – Common Error and Fault Codes

KLNE Sunteams Series

  • Energy bill higher than usual?


  • Installer gone broke?


  • Out of manufacturer’s warranty by just a few months?



KLNE solar inverters are manufactured in China and have unfortunately gone bankrupt. This means that any inverter bought within Australia will not be covered under KLNE’s warranty.

Trouble Shooting Tips

Below is a list of common error and fault codes for KLNE Sunteams Series Solar Inverter, followed by helpful solutions:

Fault ReadingsSolutions
Disconnect GridEnsure the grid has power supply.
Ensure the AC circuit breaker is closed.
Ensure if the break over of the two terminals of the AC circuit breaker is normal and not damaged.
Grid V FaultEnsure that the grid voltage complies with the prescribed standards
Grid F FaultThis requires the immediate help of a licensed electrician.
Low IsolationCheck if the ground wire of AC is plugged in correctly
High PV VoltageEnsure the voltage at the DC side is within the prescribed range
High Ground IDisconnect the circuit breakers at the DC side and the AC side.
Ensure there is no damage to the cables
High TemperatureCheck ambient temperature. Ensure cooling fan is not blocked or broken.

Please note that these are general tips only and are based on our current and past experience and therefore, not specific to your solar problem. What we usually find is people trying these troubleshooting tips and if these fail, they give us a call and we can perform diagnostic tests and provide a solution.

  • 50% of the time it’s a quick easy fix for any solar tech…
  • Error messages and fault codes that are due to an external fault elsewhere in the solar system.
  • The solar system is tricking the inverter into thinking it has that error or fault.
  • External faults are relatively easy to find and repair. Once fault is repaired, the inverter is back online.
  • Other 50% of the time
  • There is a fault, which requires more diagnostic type of testing to locate the fault. Out of these about 1 in 4 can be solved onsite. Things like a dodgy install or water damage somewhere.
  • The rest of the time it’s the inverter that’s the problem. 1 out of every 2 times the inverter can be sent away for repairs or we can organise those repairs under warranty with the manufacturer, and…
  • The rest of the time the inverter was of low quality and either not fixable of not good value to fix. If this is the case we would quote on an inverter with similar specs to replace it with. Getting your system back online fast with high quality parts.
  • In the worst case scenario, rare ground leakage faults are very difficult to find and fix but we have also had experience locating these aswell.
Be careful some dodgy solar guys will just say you need a new inverter without performing any tests just so they can sell you a new inverter that you may not even need!
Nevertheless, we can help you with any solar problem you may have. Call us on 1300 796 500!



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