Is A Bathroom Exhaust Fan Required


A bathroom exhaust fan helps in keeping the bathroom dry and fresh. It sucks out moist and humid air from the bathroom and helps in proper ventilation.It removes moist and humid air from the bathroom which is responsible for the formation of mold, mildew, peeling paints, warping wooden cabinets, rusting bathroom accessories and fogging of the mirrors.

The moisture cannot easily escape out of the bathroom even if it has an operational window. The exhaust fan sucks out the stale air from inside and creates a void in the bathroom which is filled by the fresh dry air from outside. This helps in proper ventilation of the bathroom and removes bad odour and keeps environment-friendly atmosphere inside.

A bathroom exhaust fan is installed near the ceiling where it can easily suck out air from inside. In case an inline exhaust fan is installed, multiple outlets are provided on the ceiling. This helps in sucking out more air from inside in less time.

Dry bathrooms do not allow the formation of mold, mildew, peeling of paints and wallpapers and growth of microbes and harmful pathogens in the bathroom ensuring a healthy and fresh environment. An exhaust fan improves the indoor air quality and reduces the family health problems. It also reduces the future remodeling expenses and maintenance costs. Presence of moisture and damp air in the room can deteriorate the bathroom’s quality and rust and corrosion can easily affect the metal accessories reducing their lifespan considerably.

The exhaust fan helps to keep the mirror from fogging up after every hot shower or bath. The user need not wipe the mirror every time he wants to use it. It also keeps the atmosphere odor free and fresh. Using bathroom exhaust fans with an in-built timer or humidity sensor can help save a lot of electricity. Getting an exhaust fan installed in your bathroom is neither time consuming nor a costly affair. It can have huge benefits and give you a fresh and dry bathroom every time you use it. It will increase your craving to use the bathroom more.

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